How To Videos

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you’re all having a great week!


Today I wanted to remind you about one of the most forgotten resources that Amaretto provides for our community, the How-To Video!


Our very own Avalon put together some very helpful How-To Videos to answer some of the questions that people frequently have. If you go to the main Amaretto website and chose the Help section you will find these wonderful videos along with the manuals for each of the Amaretto breedables.

There are videos that help you with using the HUD’s for horses and K-9s, about the GPS, the updaters and horse haven. The ones I find very useful are the ones that walk you through signing up for the Amaretto website and the Amaretto ticket system site! So if you know anyone having problems with any of these things be sure to direct them to the How-To Videos!


Until next time, Happy Breeding!


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