V for Vivacity!

Hi all! Last week I covered happiness in the horses and K9s so today I am going to talk to you about keeping your Barnyard Bird’s vivacity up! I will briefly cover how to keep those birdies smiling!

Unlike the Horses and K9s, vivacity does play a role in breeding. Not only does vivacity need to be 85% or higher for vigor to build but it in order for your Barnyard Bird to breed it must have 85% or higher vivacity coupled with 100% vigor.

Ok now on to keeping that vivacity up…

To raise a bird’s vivacity and keep it up you need to use Orange Rinds. These are used to build the vivacity of your Barnyard Bird!

To use the Orange Rinds:

  1. Rez box in world
  2. Right click and chose open, the items will appear in a folder in your inventory.
    • If you look in recent items you will see a folder named Orange Rinds.
  3. Rez the Orange Rinds on the ground within the range of the Barnyard Birds.
  4. The Orange Rinds give a gradual boost to vivacity slowly over time.
  5. When the Orange Rinds are completely used up they will disappear.

Another way to quickly increase the vivacity is to use the Vivacity Corns. This will increase one of your bird’s vivacity by 15%. This stat booster can only be used on a bird once in a 24 hour period.

  1. Open boxed Vivacity Corn and rez next to the bird you wish to increase the vivacity.
  2. Click the bird and go to the consumables option on the menu.
  3. Find Vivacity Corn from the options on the menu and click it.

So be sure to keep those Barnyard Bird’s vivacity above 85% to breed some amazing nests!

Until next time….


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