Happy Wednesday Everyone! Hope you all are having a good breeding day!

Today I wanted to talk to you about purchasing items on The Marketplace.

You can purchase the following items on the Marketplace for you to use or you can buy them for a gift and have them delivered to a friend.
Breedable Food/Water

Pet Food/Water

Salt Licks

Horsey Snacks

Endurance Elixirs

Passion Pills

Amaretto Cocktails

Sugar Cubes

Healing Kits

Pregnancy Boosters
Please always be cautious as to what you are buying and please check the name of the creator you are buying from. JJ Cerna is the creator of all the breedable items listed above.

So please check out the marketplace for all Amaretto Breedable items.

I am also including a link for the marketplace

After you have purchased your breedable item it will be found in your Received Items folder in Second Life.
Until next week Happy Breeding Everyone


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