Picture of the Month Contest!!!!

Hey everyone! Its a great day here at Amaretto and we are busy working on lots of exciting things that I can not wait for you guys to see!

So in the meantime lets talk about the Pic of the Week Program.
If you like getting FREE Amaretto goodies and take pictures in Second Life I am talking to you!

I have decided to currently change the Pic of the Week Contest to the Pic of the Month Contest! So you will have a entire month to take that perfect shot!
I will pick up all entries on the 15th of each month!

How do you enter? Well its easy you just take a pic of you and or your favorite Amaretto animal, you can edit it if you like, and put it in a nc full perms and drop it off at any of the conveniently located cameras at each main store and ARU!

That seems pretty easy right?
Here is where I post all winners of the Pic of Week well now Pic of the Month!!


Check them out! I hope that more of you will want to participate in the contest! If you have any questions just shoot Avalon Crystal a message! Happy Breeding everyone!!


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