Happy Friday Everyone!!! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day!!

This week I’m going to tell you all about the December happenings at Amaretto. Amaretto has plenty of events and classes for December so don’t forget to attend.

Dec 2 – Ice Fishing! 11:00 am slt
Dec 8 – AMOC Bok & Bark Winterfest Contest Begins
Dec 9 – Snowball Fight 11:00 am slt
Dec 10 – AMOC Dog Show 3:00 pm slt
Dec 11 – AMOC Bok & Bark Contest Ends
Dec 16 – Trans Siberian Orchestra @ Amaretto
Dec 22 – Hawaiian Christmas Party 5:00 pm slt
Dec 24 – AMOC Race for Fun 3:00 pm slt
Dec 25 – Christmas Happy Holidays Amaretto Breeders!!!
Dec 28 – Community Meeting 1:00 pm slt



Dec is going to be packed with fun events so be sure to attend!!!
Included are the ARU classes for December!

Until next week Happy Breeding!!



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