Happy Friday Everyone ! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day !
Happy New Year to all Amaretto Breeders !!!

Lets see what Amaretto has in mind for the start of the New Year 2015 for the Events for January

January 1st was Ice Fishing Event with Jaymee

January 7th Game Day at 11:00 am slt with Karrie

January 10th 9th AMOC Dog Show at 9:00 am slt

January 15th Winter Dance with Mal at 3:00 pm slt

January 16th AMOC Meeting at 11:00 am slt & 3:00 pm slt

January 21 Amaretto Community Meeting at 4 pm slt

January 31 AMOC Race at 3:00 pm

So as you see January is full of fun stuff so be sure to attend these events ! you don’t won’t to miss them !

Also remember to check the January Calendar for the Class Amaretto is having !

Until next week Happy Breeding !!





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