Happy Birthday Everyone!!! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day!
WOW!! What a Party!!!! Amaretto wants to thank each one of our Amaretto Breeders for making this 6th year a great year. Looking forward to many more with you all!!!

This week I would like to tell you what is happening in September beside the party and double haven points hehe!!

September is going to be an exciting month with it starting off with our 6th Birthday Party hope you all had a blast!
The Events for September you can check them out here on the website

Sept. 7 – Fishing Event 11:00 am slt
Sept 10th – AMOC Dog Show 3 pm slt
Sept 14th – Back to School Costume Contest 3 pm slt
Sept 16th – AMOC Meeting 11 am & 3 pm slt
Sept 21st – Fall Fling 1 pm slt
Sept 24th – AMOC Race for Fun 3 pm slt
Sept 28th – Community Meeting 3 pm slt

So you see September is jam packed with events so be sure you don’t miss out on any of them. Mark Your Calendars!!!

Please remember to attend the September classes at The Amaretto Ranch University. Amaretto has added classes on Saturday so you don’t miss out on classes. So please check the calendars as to when the classes are, the time for classes are at 9 am & 5 pm SLT, Saturday classes are at 3 pm SLT. The classes are very informative, plus you can meet a lot of your fellow breeders.
Looking forward to seeing you in class!!!

Until next week Happy Breeding!!!




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