Living in a virtual world can be tuff! Its not pixels and dreams like one may think! The truth is we are all on sl servers, and when they reboot or rollback, man can it cause a mess of your breedables!

 I know that you guys have seen it mentioned before, however I cant help but notice in the majority of the tickets you guys still arent putting all the info that will ensure your issue is resolved as fast as possible.

 One issue that you might encounter is a duplicated horse! The horse will have a red hover text that reads:  Duplicated horse, please file a ticket with Amaretto

 But don’t panic it’s a easy fix just file a ticket and the CSR will ask you to send all copies of the duplicated horse!

Another popular issue that happens is [20:26] Amaretto Breedables Bundle: This bundle had an error, MOTHER_HAD_SECOND_BUNDLE_IN_THREE_DAYS:

 This happens when a horse has a good bundle, and secondlife rolls back the sim and turns the good bundle into a bundle that reads [20:26] Amaretto Breedables Bundle: This bundle had an error, MOTHER_HAD_SECOND_BUNDLE_IN_THREE_DAYS

 If you encounter this issue please click on the mother horse and go to the breeding menu, then last bundle you will se the following in local chat

 The last bundle dropped by this horse was Amaretto Breedable Bundle with the ID of d807a2b9-9dd4-1e8e-631a-7cf4c7e9dadc

 You can now include this information in your ticket and will help the CSR swiftly recover the bundle you are missing! Remember to check out the ARU schedule and attend those classes!


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