How many times have you seen an ad in your newspaper with something you want on sale? You rush right out , only to find when you get there that its sold. What a disappointment that is.

The trading post on the Amaretto network is a great place to advertise your breedabes and items that you make for sale to use with them… I have seen some awesome breedables and products listed for sale.

When you list something for sale, and it gets sold, please post that it has been sold. When ads become real old we will automatically remove them. Help us out and let us know if the item has been sold or discontinued.

It is Free to Post in the Trading Post

The Trading Post section on the Forums have 4 different ad sections:

Horse Trading Post (Horse/Bundle Only)

Horse Trading Post (Related Items No horses

K9 Trading Post (K9/Kennel Only)

K9 Trading Post (Related Items No K9s or Kennels)


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