Blancos & Mutts

Happy Thursday Everyone! Today I wanted to remind you all of a couple of really cool things you can breed for with the Amaretto K-9s, the Blancos and Mutts!

You might ask yourself what is a Blanco K9?
Well these special little coats come from breeding the same coat and color together for example…
Red Pie Face Husky and a Red Pie Face Husky
It cannot be 2 different coats or breeds it must be the same. These little guys (and gals) do have special collars that you get with them that you can only get from Blancos but they can pass!!!

The Mutts are special K-9’s that come from FULL siblings meaning both the mom and the dad must have the same parents. These little pups have something special to them also… their eyes!! These eyes only come from Mutts but like the Blanco they are passable.
I have to remind you that on both the Blanco and Mutt… the coat does NOT pass!

Below I have a picture of each!

Until next time Happy Breeding!

The 1st pic is of a Blanco and the 2nd is of a Mutt!




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