Let’s go to the Races!!!

If you have never been to one of the horse races, you are missing out on some exciting fun, and if you have you know what I’m talking about. Even if you don’t race it is so much fun just to go and watch.


Well A.M.O.C is having there


Race for Fun

DATE: October 26th. 3 pm SLT

Time: starting at 3.00 pm

Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gerri%20Amaretto/3/109/23


As you know, one of the goals of the AMOC race is not only to make us socialize more, but make this race itinerary… meaning, we’ve been bringing this race to other members’ sims.


Below I have listed two sets of RULES, General and Specific.


General rules:


1) Flying is not allowed

2) Jumping is not allowed

3) Using Huds different than Amaretto official one is not allowed

4) Sick horses (yellow or red written) are not allowed

5) If a horse has 2 different racing classes between speed and stamina it will race in the category corresponding to the highest class (example: an horse with speed class D and stamina class C will race with C racing class horses)

6) Any horse has to start crossing the starting line only after the “go” of the racing system, after 3 times in the same race and horse will fail the start crossing the line before the “go”, the rider will be disqualified for that race



Specific rules:


Market owner’s race


1) Market owners can race themselves or delegate 1 rider to proxy for themselves

2) The winner wins, as prize, the possibility to have next monthly race in his/her own place, if the winner, for any reason, doesn’t take the prize, it goes to the second runner-up and so on, along the ranking list

3) Once the market owner wins the AMOC market owner race, he/she won’t be able to race on their own venue. If they want to run that specific race, they need to take into account that they

Won’t be able to take the prize 2 consecutive months if he/she wins the race, in this case the prize will go to the 2nd runner-up


So Ladies and Gentlemen that are sim owners… take a chance to get all that traffic to your sim, and enter it! Those that already have entered, can enter again, of course, the only time you cannot enter is 2 consecutive times, aka if you won last month, you cannot enter the sim owners heat for this month, but the next month of course you’re more than welcome to join that heat again.


Everyone that will enter the race will receive like just last time an AMOC Certificate of Participation! Also there are ribbons for the 1, 2 and 3rd place at each heat.


So mark this on your calendars, you don’t want to miss this race!!!!


track Gerri - The home of leading Breeders  - Sim_ Gerri A



Snapshot _ Gerri - The home of leading Breeders  - Sim_ Gerri A


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