Hey guys how are you today? Hope you are enjoying a lazy Sunday, those are the best!
After attending the AMOC general meeting yesterday I wanted to take some time out today to spread the word
about the AMOC Hallow Weenies Contest!

What is a Hallow Weenies Contest?
Don’t worry I wondered myself when I first heard about it.

It is a contest to show off your Halloween themed horse! Bring the horse you’re breeding for Halloween and show it off.

A Contest board will be up and the ones that get more votes will be the one that wins.
This is an AMOC contest so it means to vote you’ll have to be in the AMOC group.
Why a contest board.. because that way you don’t see who is winning till the very end! Oh yeah…. we’re mean like that.. will be Halloween.. so will be trick or treat for real!
The contest board will only allow one vote for person too.

Now what can you win:

1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be posted as new designer horses in the AMOC Site.

More surprises will be waiting for you.. but you’ll have to wait till the time to see if it a treat or trick!
On the last day, Sunday at 4 pm we’re going to do something scary…..

… A show with the best ugly fugly costume using your avatar and try to match our most horrifying horse creations!

After that show…. we’re going to announce the results of the voting that lasted for those 3 days.

Rules for participation:

Only 1 horse per person.

You need to put in the board behind the horse a picture or art work (if the project is not finished yet) of the horse along with a notecard with the its traits. if you want you can add some info or history about what led you to do that project.

This is a totally free event for you! you will be not charged for the use of the prims. but you will have to bring your own food and salt!

NO SELL “in LOCATION” will be allowed!
This is just to show what you have.
Of course you can display your own LM where people can find them
for sale.

I know how much you guys like to dress up and Halloween is loved by many in sl so here is your chance to show off! All you have to do is find a AMOC board at Boomtown click it to get the application.

The sooner you send in your application the sooner you can guarantee your participation, as of course there will be a limit of applications accepted.

I cant wait to see all the scary creations that you guys bring out! I have also included some pictures of the haunted Hallow Weenies location below Scary!

Snapshot_003 Snapshot_004 Snapshot_005


Well get those applications into Bundy Xue or Mami Deerhunter. If you need more information please message an AMOC officer! This is Ava over and out!


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