A day at Boomtown………

Hey guys its Monday and here I am trying to come up with an epic connection for all my breeder friends and I’m drawing a blank! So I do what I always do when I’m bored I visited Boomtown, and wondered if all you guys have??

I checked the calendar, sadly  no events were planned for today 🙁 

But I  did run into a breeder friend and we chatted for a bit.

So you have never been to Boomtown?
Whats Boomtown you ask? Well……..we at Amaretto thought it would be a great idea to have a place where breeders could come hang out, visit and talk shop. Then we thought wouldn’t it be great if everyday there were CSR’s visiting Boomtown? I mean just in case you had some questions and wanted to get some official answers? Or how about a game of greedy with your favorite CSR?

It sounds awesome right? Then on top of that wouldn’t it be great if we had some shops there for everyones 3rd party creators have a central area to put there products in??
At this point this place sounds terrific!

But Amaretto doesn’t stop there………. (insert lightbulb above Amaretto’s head here) Lets have events here every week to bring out the community so we can know everyone on a more personal level!!!!! There is even an Amaretto Event Calendar to see the latest happenings!
What Amaretto wants to get to know their customer?? NO WAY!!!! So Boomtown was born 🙂

But sadly I have to say I don’t see you guys taking advantage of Boomtown, there are a few of you faithful Amarettoholics that come visit all the time but are you sharing the word with your friends?? I mean I know a ton of you guys spends hours a day with your horses, and if I did that I would certainly wanna get to know the people that created them! I mean this is awesome opportunity for you guys to get to know the CSR’s, Owners, and members of the team. It makes me sad that I dont see more of you there! Lets be honest how many of us have spent tons of linden on a product or at a store and have never even known who the creator is much less get to have a convo with them? So I hope that everyone will take the time to come out to Boomtown next time you see a CSR put a slurl in chat or a notice of an event. Just in case you don’t have it here ya go !


Well………….until next time Happy Breeding my Amaretto Family!!!


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