Ford’s Justin B rant!

This week I’m going to chat you all up about connecting with Amaretto and the staff.

As you may or may not know… Amaretto has its Social Network (which frankly is a whole lot of awesome… just saying) and its a pretty awesome way to connect with other members. Not to mention there are some pretty hot topics going on in the forum section AND AND AND you can also post your horses and K-9s for sale… This is an invaluable tool at your disposal. If you have not already signed up – lets get you all setup here

Ok Ok Ok… Now here is some awesome eh !

Did you know that you stalk me ? Ford Carver and the other staff of Amaretto on Facebook and Twitter… I start my days out in the office stalking you guys! So… LETS GET FACEBOOK STALKIN!

Go on… Add me 😛 Ford Carver

You can also visit out very own Amaretto Facebook fan page here

OH OH OH! and just when you think that was it… MUAHAHAHA there is Twitter… mmmhmmm

I get me tweet on daily with Justin Bieber! NOT! Although some how he manage on my timeline today… DARN IT! I must research how to kill people on my timelines…. *starts the google search to kill* I mean… really… how does someone I dislike so much end up on my timeline? Does Twitter have it out for me? Did one of you have words with the Bieber? SMH!

Where was I … Oh! right yes we is on Twitter and you can Tweet with Amaretto or the staff… Here is the direct link to Amaretto!/AmarettoRanch

AND here is me 🙂!/FordCarver

Another reason if Amaretto and me aren’t enough for you… Sometimes we give special little updates there that you just might not see in world… So *sticks tongue out*

See you peeps on the Facebook and Twitter

As always this connection was brought to you by the Letter K and the Number 9



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