Amaretto’s First A.R.B. Horse Show!

Amaretto is proud to announce the very First A.R.B. Horse Show!  If you would like to participate in the show please log on to the social engine and go to this link and send a request to join the group.

To enter the horse show, please send a folder with your name a note card with the stats of your horse and a pic of your horse to Avalon Crystal

Here are the following divisions:

  • Breeder’s choice- any breed of horse can go here
  • Best in Show- any breed of horse can go here
  • Fav combo- traited combo horses will go here
  • Best Starter- must be a starter breed
  • Special horses- charmed, albino, mystique, show horses go here
  • Tiny Cutie- Shetlands will go here
  • Perfect Ponies- fell pony’s will go here
  • Creative Clydes- Clydesdale will go here
  • I breed this- most creative horse
  • Juniors- 75 days and younger
  • Seniors-76 days or older
  • Out to Pasture- Any retired coat

Only category that charmed, albinos, show horses, mystiques can enter is the special.

Horse must be 7 to enter!

Only one entry per avatar!!

We will begin the voting on the winners on the website and finalist will attend the horse show in world on February 4th @ 4 pm!

If you’re not a member on the social network sign up here any questions please IM Avalon Crystal!

Happy Breeding and Bragging!

Until next time……


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