Happy Wednesday Everyone! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day!

Today i wanted to talk to you about Amaretto University. Amaretto is currently offering several different classes weekly. These classes are loaded with information that can help you even if you are a new breeder or an older breeder.

Here is the landmark to the ARU

Amaretto also has the Amaretto Ranch University website that you can use to check and see what classes are given an what classes you have taken. You must Register for this website at a terminal in world located in each classroom as well as in the courtyard.
Check out the ARU website here:

To keep up with what classes are available each week you can check the ARU calendar! Classes are taught weekly every Sunday, Thursday, and Saturday.
Class times are 9 AM Slt and again at 5 PM Slt.
Below is a link to the ARU Calendar:


Looking forward to seeing you in class !
Until next week ! Happy Breeding !



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