National Pink Day!!

Today is National Pink Day and in order to celebrate, let’s take a look at a few of those fantastic pink horses that Amaretto has available to us. The choices are amazing and hopefully this will give you some ideas of some projects to brighten up your breeding.

Let’s start with an offspring from an OOAK Heavenly Virtue. And that of course would be the Heavenly Fortitude coat.

Next, we have the Overo Berry coat, which came as a special surprise from the 2016 Christmas Edition Horses. What a fantastic hidden surprise there were.

We can’t possibly look at Pink Horses and not take a look at a couple Twist coats that came out in their own pink shades and these are a couple fantastic horses. Although you can’t breed for Twist coats anymore, luckily the coats themselves do pass. Just imagine what great traits could be added to these.

After the Twist coats, came the Crazed Coats, which brought out some fantastic bright colors for our horses. If you have not started projects with these why not try some of these pick Horses with your creations.

There are also tons of traits to add to these coats which would liven up your breeding. So why not add some pick to your breeding today.

Have a great week-end!!



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