O dia do ├Źndio

Can’t you read it? I’ll give you a little help. That means the Day of the Indigenous Peoples in Portuguese. It’s a traditional celebration day in Brazil on April 19th. And it’s an important day we celebrate that we are the result of a mix of different ethnicities.

Brazilian native people are descendants of 3 main branches: the Tupis, the Guaranis, and the Tapuias, but there are tenths of minor groups. And the offspring of Portuguese pioneers and indigenous princesses populated Brazilian inner lands. That was even before the slavery workforce in plantations.

Since younglings, we learn to celebrate our mixing origin in schools. It’s a powerful weapon against racism and prejudice. You can’t depict something you’re proud to be. Amaretto also celebrates the American native people with different themed releases shown in the pictures of this post.

Other Latin American countries also have their version of this celebration day. That’s a little fact about my origins I’d like to share with you all.


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