Protect your investment

Everyone needs to be aware that there are people out there that just go around and try to get horses for 0L and 10L. A lot of horses have been picked up in markets and auctions for 0L and 10L recently, they take them when you are repricing them or setting them for sale. when you set you horse out make sure it is priced correctly, and at auctions, set the price of the horse to a large number so they can not be taken.

We all forget to check our horses at times, and if someone does take your horse for 10L or less your amaretto team will be able to help you, but if it is over 10L, which is default setting we can not.

Another thing that is happening is people stealing fervor of other peoples males

If you have a horse out in an area that other people can bring their horses around, make sure your horses are set to owner only breeding, because people will bring their horses around to get a mating from other studs.


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