Hi there… as we’ve been working with the support tickets and watching the group chatter I have noticed numerous mentions and concerns about bundles having the error over them stating the mother had second bundle in three days.
Example of Error Message:
Please file a ticket at http://support.amarettobreedables.com/ with Amaretto with this message.
This message usually occurs when there has been a LL rollback or restart or due to normal everyday sim lag.
A majority of the time the mother has in fact had a viable bundle already and the bundle with error can be deleted and a ticket is not needed. Twins or more are not possible. A horse will only have one viable bundle per pregnancy.
Example of a successful bundle ID:
The only reason you need to file a support ticket for a bundle with this error message is if you did not receive the original viable bundle.
If you need to submit a ticket for this issue please be sure to include the mothers information in the ticket. Also, if you have already filed a ticket for this issue and have the successful viable bundle already. Please go back to your ticket and reply letting us know we can close the ticket.

I hope this helps clear up some confusion and help eliminate unnecessary support tickets.

Until next time…………


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