Hey guys! How is everyone? I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend I know I have!

I wanted to take some time to shine the spot light on the Mecklenbella!

Your are almost out of time to breed for one of these cuties!
How do you get one? Well, From July 5, 2014 until August 5, 2014 you could breed any color Falabella and any color Mecklenburger together for the chance at one of these MecklenbellaCoats. No other qualifications necessary, just has to be 1 Falabella and 1 Mecklenburger any color.

Just take a look at these cool horses!!





The Mecklenbella Coat DOES have the ability to pass!

The Surf City Eye DOES have the ability to pass!

So keep your eyes out for these cuties! Remember you can always read more about them here:

Well until next time this Ava wishing you and yours a great day! Happy Breeding my Amaretto Family!!!


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