Bird Sanctuary

Happy Hump Day Everyone!
Just want to remind you that you can get the Rooster Booster Pack and the Hen Booster Pack from the Bird Sanctuary Vendors!! These single bird packs are perfect for when you keep hatching only Hens or only Roosters!
Rooster Booster Pack Single 75000 (Boxed)
Hen Booster Pack Single 75000 (Boxed)

But wait there is more!!
You can also get

High Potency Seeds Single 8000 (Boxed)
Barnyard Bird Flu Shot Single 8000 (Boxed)
Poultry Glow Single 10000 (Boxed)
Pet Pellets Six 18000 (Boxed)

So save them Henny Pennies up an head over to the Haven Sim in world where you will find the Bird Sanctuary Vendors! Happy Breeding!



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