All About Albinos

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Hope everyone is doing well this day!
Well I have decided to write a little about Amaretto Albinos!

How do I get an Albino you ask?

Well I am going to tell you!

You can get an Albino by breeding 2 full siblings together.
That means they have to have the exact same mother and father.

The siblings do not have to have the same traits just have the same parents.

Albinos come with a special eye that can pass on to an off spring.

Albinos DO Not pass their coats!

However, breeding an Albino with its sibling does slightly increase your chance for another Albino.

I thought I would give you a list of the Albinos Amaretto currently has…

Albino Clydesdale
Albino Fell Pony
Albino Shetland
Albino Mystique

So, get your favorite siblings together and try to get that special Albino!

Until next week Happy Breeding Everyone!


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