The Second Life Home and Garden Expo has started and Amaretto is so excited to be a part of this amazing event! We have spent many hours working hard on the displays for the Expo! This is not only an extremely fun event but it also is a very meaningful one too. Amaretto has 3 of the most adorable Amaretto RFL Flyer pets for sale. The three flying pets are the Amaretto Ladybug RFL Flyer, the Amaretto Butterfly RFL Flyer, and the Amaretto Pixie Yorkie RFL Flyer. Isn’t that wonderful?! But wait… there’s more…. If that wasn’t cool enough we also have an awesome One of a Kind Demon Flyer pet that is up for auction. You can bid on this OOAK now and the winner will be announced Sunday June 2nd at 4pm slt. All proceeds will go directly to RFL to help in this wonderful cause. Amaretto has four locations set up at the expo and we encourage you to check them all out as they all have their own unique design! I would like to mention that Pirate Pete is at the 2013 RFL Breedables Fair and he’s been listening to rumors about all the pirates that have come through the area. Click on Pete at the Pirate Tavern located at the Breedables Fair, and see if he’ll tell you where treasure can be found!

Remember, pirates mark treasure with a RED X.







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