Memories & Milestones

Happy Friday Everyone! Today draws to a close another amazing month in the Amaretto Community! We’ve enjoyed lots of fun events this May and it looks like next month is going to be just as awesome! I have the pleasure of including June’s calendar’s in my blog today and I see a few exciting things coming up next month. I’m back after vacation with my talk show on the 8th so I hope to see all of you in the audience for that!
I was walking around yesterday and noticed that some of the Amaretto horses were about to celebrate a very special milestone today! There are Cheetah and Sprinkle horses that will turn 1000 days old today! I thought it would be nice to include a picture of my very own Sprinkle horse and share this pretty cool milestone with all of you!
I also started a thread on the Amaretto forums for all of you to share pictures of the very special milestones that your Amaretto horses reach! I look forward to seeing lots of posts there.

You can find the Amaretto forums by following this link:

Until next week, Happy Breeding!





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