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November Picture of the Month!

Hello everyone its a terrific Tuesday! I wanted to take some time to share the month of Novembers picture of the week winner!

Everyone say congrats to Nelly Macbeth!

Take a look at this awesome picture showcasing all the haven horses!

Remember anyone can enter their picture into the picture of the week contest, by snapping a pic of your fav Amaretto Breedable, and drop it in any cameras at the main store locations.

I pick up all the photos on the 15th and pick my fav and announce the winner!
If you are picked as a winner we will showcase your picture at our main location and on our website as well as send you a little gift!

You can read all about the picture of the month contest here:

Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

Where is my bundle?

Hey guys hows everyone? Well its Monday again! Yeah we all made it! So a lot of you guys have been having some bundles issues.

Let me shine a little light on the situation, Linden Labs had made some recent changes that have affected the way that some scripted items in world working.

I know that previously that people were getting any where from 1 to 20 bundles under the same mother. Now some people are encountering an issue where they are not getting a good bundle at all.

We are aware of these issues, and we are currently working on a fix we appreciate your patience while we find a work around.

What do you need to do? Well if your horse had more than one bundle and you get a SUCCESSFUL_BUNDLE please delete all other bundles that say “NEVER_RECEIVED_MOTHER_COMMUNICATION” or “MOTHER_HAD_SECOND_BUNDLE_IN_THREE_DAYS” and keep the good one.

If you did not receive a SUCCESSFUL_BUNDLE you will have to file a ticket. Once your ticket is filed we will ask you to send the broken Bundles AND the mother in a folder to the staff member working on your ticket. We will then send you the mother and the good bundle back.

I know it can be frustrating to file tickets, or have issues with your breedable, Amaretto is hard at work to find out what is causing this issue, and know its not just Amaretto a lot of other inworld scripted systems are having trouble as well.

If you need help filing a ticket please contact Avalon Crystal via im or notecard. Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

Barnyard Bird Leg Colors!

Hey Everyone!

So I wanted to share with you all some awesome funky leg color traits you can get in the barnyard birds.

These are all so adorable and match all sorts of different combinations of traits to make many different projects possible.

The Leg Color trait comes from breeding “Starter Breeds” together or 1 starter with any other bird. Please note that this trait CAN be passed on.

Wiki Link HERE

The Barnyard Birds have so many different traits that can match these leg colors so take a look at that wiki link above and check out all the amazing birds!

That’s all from me today folks.

Have an awesome rest of your Sunday and see you all in the groups!

Hugs Marku <3

How cute is that face!

Hello everyone Happy Saturday!!  I hope your weekend is off to an awesome start!!  Today I want to shine the spotlight on the Face Markings trait for our Ponie Pals!!

The Face Markings trait comes from breeding “Starter Style” together or one starter with any other Ponie.

From December 14, 2017 to Wednesday December 28, 2017 Amaretto celebrated with 2017 Christmas Edition ponies! These ponies were hiding Icicle & Winter Snowflake Face Markings!

Spring Editions were available from March 20th, 2018 to Tuesday April 3, 2018! Hiding inside these Spring Editions was the Daisy & Butterfly Face Marking!

Summer Editions were available from August 9, 2018 to Friday August 24, 2018! Hiding inside these Summer Editions was the Sol and Crescent Face Marking!!

On Thursday, November 22 any basket dropped could have the possibility to randomly get a new face marking Falling Leaves!

On March 9th 2019 Amaretto celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with 2019 Deluxe Edition Luck of the Irish animals that you could purchase until March 22nd, 2019. These Horses were hiding the Clover face marking!

On Sept 19th, 2019 Amaretto released 2019 International Day of Peace animals, hiding in the ponie was the Peace Face Marking!

Please note that these Face Markings CAN be passed on.

For more information and a closer look check them out on the wiki at

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have a great weekend!

Happy Breeding!!

Where Did We Get Wings?

Ever wonder how we came to have wings on the horses? The Wing trait came from the Limited Edition Fall Fantasy Horses that Amaretto released in September 2012. These great looking limited editions had the ability to pass their wings, the Campfire Ash, Cornucopia, Autumn Leaves, First Frost, Ice Wine, Indian Corn, Thick Fog, Pumpkin, and Warm Cider. This was so long ago that LEs could still have any of the mane and tail traits, so if you were lucky enough to get a long long you were sitting pretty! They also passed the Fierce Mist eye.

The very next month Amaretto announced that by breeding any of the Fall Fantasy horses to two specific Haven horses you could get two brand new wings. By breeding the Fall Fantasy to the Memorable Haven horse, you could get the blizzard wing, and by breeding them to the Darkness Haven horse you could get the nightfall wing. Many people use one of these wings for their black or white trait horses, and I think the Fierce Mist eye could be used for either one.

From these amazing LEs came the 20th trait, the wing, which added to the many possibilities for making even more amazing horses! What’s YOUR favorite wing?

Headless Horse Eyes!

Hello everyone! Today is Thursday yay! Means its almost FRIYAY!!!
Also this is the last chance and call for you to go get your Armistice Day Editions!

I was calling an auction last night and there was a eye on the panel that some of you guys have never seen before so I thought I would showcase this eye so you guys can check it out!

This is the mysterious Headless Horse eye!

This eye has the ability to come from any of the following:
2019 Limited Edition – Headless Horse
2019 Special Edition – Headless Hound
2019 Deluxe Edition – Headless Ponie

I really like the look of this eye and I think you guys do to! These Headless Horse eyes DO have the ability to pass! What kind of creepy projects will you incorporate this eye into? Well everyone this is Ava over and out. Happy Breeding!

Happy World Kindness Day!

It’s another hump day fellow breeders and, what a great Wednesday this is, as it’s World Kindness Day!

World Kindness Day is an international holiday that was formed in 1998, to promote kindness throughout the world and is observed annually on November 13 as part of the World Kindness Movement. The goal is to champion kindness in society by highlighting good deeds in the community; to focus on the positive power and the common thread of kindness which binds us.

Let the spread of kindness be infectious! Studies show that when others observe kindness in action they are more likely to carry out an act of kindness, too. Pledge to join together to build a kinder and more compassionate world. #KindnessStartsWithOne

—Albert Einstein

Amaretto Breeds Kindness

On June 26, 2015, Amaretto held the Summer Fest Auction and unveiled the first in the line of Seven Heavenly Virtues.

Duckkula Resident was the winning bidder on the OOAK Seven Heavenly Virtues – Kindness. The OOAK horse did not pass its coat, but, it did pass the beautiful Benevolence Eye. Hiding inside was the Heavenly Kindness Coat, Kindness Wing, and the Tolerance eye (all passable traits!).

Eve Greymoon was the winning bidder on the OOAK Seven Heavenly Virtues – Kindness K-9. The OOAK K-9 did not pass its coat, but, it did pass the beautiful Benevolence Eye. Hiding inside was the Heavenly Kindness Coat, Kindness Collar, and the Tolerance eye (all passable traits!).

Lisabella Lane was the winning bidder on the OOAK Seven Heavenly Virtues – Kindness Barnyard Bird. The OOAK Bird did not pass its breed, but, it did pass the beautiful Benevolence Eye. Hiding inside was the Heavenly Kindness Breed, Kindness Legs, and the Tolerance eye (all passable traits!).

Start breeding kindness today! #MakeKindnessTheNorm

Have a great day everyone! 🥰

Indolence and Intensity!

Hello everyone its a terrific Tuesday here at Amaretto. The whole team is here busy working on the K9 Update! I wanted to take a few mins to talk to everyone about something that you may have seen out there in the market or at auction.

What am I talking about? Well two new coats that have been showing up Indolence and Intensity!

Where did they come from? Well if you will remember on July 12, 2019 Amaretto held the Amaretto Country Fair and and unveiled the fifth Horse in the line of Seven Heavenly Virtues and Seven Deadly Sins Horses.

You can read more about those horses here:

Both of those horses were hiding lots of goodies and surprises in them! Sloth was hiding the
Indolence coat! This coat DOES have the ability to pass!


Diligence was hiding the Intensity coat! This coat DOES have the ability to pass!

So if you see these amazing horses in the market now you know where they came from! Well happy breeding everyone stay warm and safe! This is Ava over and out!

Green Reins!

Hello everyone we made it to another Monday! Well this is not just any Monday! Today is Veterans/Armistice Day!

So lets take a moment to remember all of those who have served in the line of duty fighting for their beliefs, despite where you are from this is one holiday that we can all relate to. If you have personal served in the military Amaretto wants to Thank You for your service!

On a lighter note I did want to show off a new trait for the horses, the Green Reins!

Where did Green Reins come from? Well any breeding of the 2019 Limited Edition – Creepy Clown or 2019 Limited Edition – Headless Horse you had a chance to get the Green Bridle!

The Green Bridle does have the ability to pass!

I cant wait to start seeing this new trait on your projects! Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

Year of the Horse!

Hey everyone! It’s a lazy cold Sunday here.
Today I wanted to show you guys a Charmed horse that you can still receive at random by any breeding of Amaretto horses.
When the version 5.0 Horse update came out on September 3, 2014 the ability to receive this exciting new Charmed Year of the Horse was also added!
Charmed Horses are very special horses that can be born at random from ANY horse breeding combination.

Charmed Horses are NOT able to pass their coats. However, you could get extremely lucky and birth another Charmed Horse.

When you breed a Charmed Horse (whether it is with another Charmed Horse or any other horse) you DO have an increased chance at receiving another random Charmed Horse.

The non-Charmed offspring of Charmed Horses do NOT have an increased chance of producing Charmed Horses.

Take a look at this beauty!!!

Charmed Year of the Horse1
year of the horse

You can read all about it and see more pictures here:
That means everyone has at getting a charmed horse.

Good luck and happy breeding everyone!
Marku <3