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Just DON’T do it!

Hey guys I wanted to take a few moments to talk to you guys about something that has became an issues today for some people. There are things that I did not even realize that something that some of our breeders are doing.

Are you setting your breedables for zero lindens?!
Why would you do that?!

I cant think of one reason that you should ever set a no copy object for sale for zero lindens unless you just want to give it away for free.

The problem with this is when you set something for sale for 0 lindens you can not control who buys it. So even though you set it for your partner, parent, kid, or friend, there is nothing stopping Joe Blow from panning up to your skybox, or parcel and buying your horse for FREE!

Even better Ava cant help you because Linden Labs will say, well you set it for 0 lindens!

Guys please be smart with the way you set items for sale, and what you do with your breedables, because situations like these could be totally avoided! This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!

AMOC March Madness Showdown Recap and Winners!

Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders!

This past weekend, AMOC hosted its first-ever March Madness Showdown. The contest ran from 10AM on Friday, March 13th until 10AM on Sunday, March 15th.

The theme of the contest was, of course, basketball. However, that didn’t limit what participants could enter. Twelve breeders brought their A-game with sports, Spring, St. Patrick’s Day and Earth Day-themed creations. Just take a look at these beauties!

Voting for the contest was limited to Amaretto Market Owners Coalition group members only. And, the winners were:

1st Place – Meatylolipop Walpole
2nd Place – bigred19663 Resident
3rd Place – Meryalfa Resident

Congratulations! Each winner received a consumables prize pack and all entries received a participation award.

After the contest, ‘Pop’ (Meatylolipop) had this to say about the event, “This was one of the best groups of animals I have seen. They all deserved to win.” We certainly agree!

AMOC creates these contests to bring the Amaretto Community together. We thank those who supported their fellow breeders by taking the time to visit and vote. Community = Unity!

What’s Next?
Watch for and participate in future AMOC contests! And, don’t forget the 23rd BunKenNestKet Hunt is quickly approaching. The hunt will begin on Friday, April 10th and run through Sunday, April 12th.

Sign up your market, sim or parcel today by clicking this link AMOC 22nd BunKenNestKet Hunt
Remember, you must be an AMOC group member to hunt. For a group invite, please contact any AMOC officer.

Until next time…Happy Breeding!

2020 Twilight Editions!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hope everyone is having a great day! Well Amaretto wanted to give you all a little surprise today!

What is it? Well how about some limited editions?! What a better way to celebrate right?

Introducing to you Amaretto 2020 Twilight Editions!

They come in the following packs:

2020 Twilight Edition – Twilight Single Pack
Random Coat/Gender

2020 Twilight Edition – All Day Pack
One of Each Coat, Random Gender

Here are their names:

2020 Twilight Edition – Dream
Eye: Twilight Dream

2020 Twilight Edition – Dusk
Eye: Twilight Dusk

2020 Twilight Edition – Day
Eye: Twilight Day

2020 Twilight Edition – Dawn
Eye: Twilight Dawn

You do not have to breed these animals together to get an awesome surprise! These editions will be available from March 17, 2020 until March 31, 2020 at all Amaretto locations so go get yours today!

Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

FOTW Eye Yemen!

Hello everyone as you all know every month Amaretto puts out a brand new FOTW eye! This month is no different but I did want to take some time show off this months eye!

Presenting to you the FOTW Eye Yemen!

Remember that this eye DOES have the ability to pass! Be sure to keep your eye out for brand new FOTW eyes every month in the Horses, K9s, and Barnyard Birds!

This is Ava over and out! Stay safe out there!

Zodiac Horses

Today I want to take a look at the Zodiac Horses that were released in 2013, these 12 horses are awesome and a must have for all collectors out there!

To have a chance at getting one of these randomly dropped Zodiac horses you have to breed Zodiac Eyes together.

Zodiac Eyes Wiki Link HERE

The 12 Zodiac Horses are:

  • Zodiac Aquarius
  • Zodiac Pisces
  • Zodiac Aries
  • Zodiac Taurus
  • Zodiac Gemini
  • Zodiac Cancer
  • Zodiac Leo
  • Zodiac Virgo
  • Zodiac Libra
  • Zodiac Scorpio
  • Zodiac Sagittarius
  • Zodiac Capricorn

Zodiac Horses Wiki Link HERE

These really are one of my favorite eye-bred collection of horses, they are beautiful and amazing!

Thats it from me today, so get breeding those Zodiac eyes together and happy breeding.

Hugs Marku <3

All about Hoof Paint!

Hey everyone hope you are having an amazing Saturday!  Can you all believe we are in the middle of March already!

Today I want to shine the spotlight on the cute Hoof Paint trait.  The Hoof Paint trait was introduced with the Limited Edition Rainbow Dapple Horses. Please note that the Hoof Paint trait CAN be passed on.

  • None
  • Blueberry
  • Dragonfruit
  • Kiwi
  • Pepper
  • Plum
  • Pomegranate
  • Raspberry
  • Salt
  • Tangerine
  • Hoof Winter Snowflake
  • Hoof Candy Cane
  • Hoof Festive Fruit Cake
  • Hoof Eggnogg
  • Leg Null
  • Rainbow (Came from 2014 Holiday Horses)
  • Black/White(Came from 2014 Holiday Horses)

For a closer look at this awesome trait check them out on the wiki at

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have a great weekend!

Happy Breeding!!!

Oh No! It’s Friday 13th!

Today is March, Friday the 13th. Just an ordinary day to most. But to some it’s a day for superstitions. where exactly did that come from? The irrational fear of the number 13 has been given a scientific name: “triskaidekaphobia”. Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition.
Considering Friday the 13th as unlucky dates back for hundreds of years, with the tradition said to have begun in the Middle Ages or even Biblical times.
Some say the superstition arose from Jesus’ last supper, where is it thought there were 13 people present on the night before his death – which occurred on a Friday.
Many hotels avoid the 13th floor, reserving it for storage and maintenance or skipping it entirely, due to many people’s morbid fear of the number 13. Some planes also may not have a row 13.
One in five people dread Friday 13th, but thanks to Amaretto, breeders believe it is a lucky day. On April, Friday 13th 2012, Amaretto released a random drop of the Friday 13 branding, which can pass.

Then in July 2018 came the Friday the 13th Limited Edition Spirit Board. The Spirit Board was hiding an Ebony Overo coat that has the ability to pass! The Supernatural eye also passed.

The Spirit Board K-9 was hiding the Ebony Splashed Great Dane. The eye and collar on the Special Edition passed.

he Spirit Board Ponie Pal was hiding the Painted Ebony style coat, which could pass. The eyes on the DE also could pass.

The Spirit Board chicken was hiding the Ebony Faverolles coat that had the ability to pass! The eyes on the Collectors Edition bird could also pass!

If you were one of the lucky breeders who got the random drop Friday 13th branding, or the hidden surprises from the Friday 13th special coats, then Friday 13th has truly become a lucky day!

Stay Calm and File a ticket!

Hello everyone! Its the day before Friyay! YAY! I hope that everyone is ready for this weekend!

I wanted to take some time to talk about an issue that some of you may be experiencing today and yesterday.

You may have experienced that if you have a bird nest dropping or a ponie basket on its way, that you are getting multiples that arent working and they just keep coming!

Well we were notified of the issue and we have been investigating all day, we have even been in contact with the lindens because we dont know what changes made to sl might cause these issues. We are also working on a fix for Birds not properly incubating.

So what can you do in the mean time?
Well make sure that your sim has been restarted in the last copule of days this can help cut down the lag.

Also make sure that if you see one of your animals dropping more than one offspring you should pick it up immediately and file a ticket. When filing a ticket about this issue we will ask you to send all non working offspring and the mother.

If you find multiple offspring under one of your animals please take not of the mother and delete all broken offspring.

I hope that along with Linden Labs that we will reach a resolution to this issue, also i apologize to all of you who are experiencing this issue.

Stay calm and file a ticket and we will do everything we can to get you fixed up! This does not appear to be affecting horses or k9s in the same way.

Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

Amaretto Likes It Wild!

Happy Hump Day Fellow Breeders!

I know how wild you guys are for Amaretto. Well, Amaretto is wild about you too! That’s why they like to throw out special surprises your way.

Like back in 2012, for the Christmas holidays, Amaretto released the Amaretto Special Edition 2012- Holiday K-9s. The special hidden surprises they held were wild – the Into The Wild K-9s!

Four brand new coats and, the best part, they were able to pass their coats, eyes, and collars. That’s right, the coats DO pass. So, that means you can be breeding your own Into the Wild K-9s right now!

As you know, Amaretto is great for occasionally tossing in a few twists and turns. Which exactly what happened in September of 2013. For that month only, by breeding any 2 Into the Wild K-9s together, breeders had the chance at getting a Best in Show Into the Wild K-9 Alligator.

If that wasn’t enough, the Best in Show Into the Wild K-9 Alligator were able to pass their coat, eye, and collar. Awesome, right?

Hang on, the wildness didn’t stop there! Amaretto took it to the next level and got crazy! I’m talking Crazed Coats and the Into The Wild K-9s were not left out of the mix. In January 2016, breeding any color Into The Wild K-9s together you had the chance of getting one of the Crazed Coat Into The Wild.

And, if you didn’t already guess, these cuties had the ability to pass their coats, eyes, and collars. That means you can get crazy-wild too!

Before I close out this Connection, I want to remind you all to head on over to the HullabaZoo event and get an Into The Wild K-9 Shoulder Buddies. You can choose from Tiger or Zebra. But, get both because once the event is over, these adorable wearables will be gone too. Plus, don’t forget, the HullabaZoo Exclusive Amaretto Gone Wild horse with the new Welcome to the Jungle eye. Check Ava’s Connection for all the info
LM to HullabaZoo:

Until next time…HAPPY BREEDING!

I accidentally……..

Hello everyone its a terrific Tuesday here at Amaretto Ranch!
As always Ava here with some helpful hints about your Amaretto Breedables, I have seen a bit a chatter about things being sent to Horse Haven, Puppy Paradise, or Bird Sanctuary by mistake.

I wanted to remind everyone that when you send a horse to Horse Haven
it is a total of 3 clicks:

1. Settings
2. Horse Haven
3. Yes
Amaretto has put precautionary measures in place so that you do not accidentally send any Horse to Horse Haven. You MUST confirm before anything is sent to Haven, Paradise, or Sanctuary.

Here is what the pop up looks like:


You must click yes to send your Horse to Horse Haven. Remember
***** WARNING******

This means that no horse will be returned to you from Horse Haven accident or not. So please when havening your horses be careful!!!

Oppsies, accidents, or I didn’t mean to’s will NOT be returned! So be very careful!

Just something to think about when someone says I accidentally…….. This is Ava over and out!