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Grulla Horses

Grilla…grullah….how do you say that again? The word “grullo” originates from the Spanish word for a gray horse and the word “grulla” in Spanish means crane. Because of the origin of the name, some people will refer to a mare as a grulla and a stallion or gelding as a grullo, pronounced GREW-yə and GREW-yoh.
Okay, what IS a Grulla horse? Basically, it’s a dun horse. A grulla has a dark stripe down it’s spine, shoulder stripes and leg barring. A grulla horse is fairly rare, as these things go, and is often the result of mating a black stallion with a red or dun mare.

In this picture you can see the back striping and a hint of the leg stripes that some have. It kind of looks like the model for Amaretto’s coat.

When the version 5.5 Horse update came out on October 7, 2016 these exciting new coats were hidden in new starters. The Grulla horse is one set of many exciting possible Non-Starter coats that can come from breeding “Starter Horses”.

You can have a chance at one of these exciting Non-Starter Grulla by breeding any horse with a starter horse or by breeding together two starter horses. The Grulla coat CAN be passed on

Brown Pinto Ponie??

Hey everyone! Its Thursday and we made it! Well almost made it to the end of the week that is! Hope everyone is doing well!

I wanted to take a few moments to give the ponies some love and ask you all a question……..

Do you know about the Brown Pinto Ponie??

Well take a look!

Isnt it just soooooooooo cute!

Where did it come from?? Well Amaretto celebrated Christmas with the release of 2020 Christmas Deluxe Edition Animals!! Hiding inside the 2020 Holiday Edition – X-mas Present Pinto was the Brown Pinto!

Guess what?! The Brown Pinto Style DOES have the ability to pass!

So keep your eyes out for these cute ponies! This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!

Get Lucky With Amaretto!

Happy Hump Day Breeders!

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, a transcontinental celebration of Irish culture. Of the millions that wear green to celebrate the Irish few know the reasoning behind many popular St. Patrick’s Day traditions. Have you ever wondered why we wear green, display shamrocks, and tell stories of leprechauns on St. Patrick’s Day? 

Why Green? 
According to some accounts, blue was the first color associated with St. Patrick’s Day, but by the 17th-century green was the color most associated with Ireland, the “Emerald Isle,” so named for its lush green landscape.

Shamrocks and the Four-Leaf Clover 
According to Irish legend, St. Patrick chose a three-leaved clover or shamrock as a symbol of the church’s Holy Trinity because of its three leaflets bound by a common stalk.  A shamrock is not a four-leaf clover, contrary to popular belief. The folklore for four-leaf clovers differs from that of the Shamrock and has no religious association. It is believed that each leaf of a four-leaf clover represents something different: first is hope, the second is faith, the third is love, and the fourth is happiness. The good luck dates back to the ancient Druid priests.

Leprechauns, Pots of Gold, and Rainbows
According to Irish folklore, leprechauns were cranky tricksters who you wouldn’t want to mess with. They live alone and pass the time by mending the shoes of Irish fairies. According to the legend, the fairies pay the leprechauns for their work with golden coins, which the “little people” collect in large pots–the famous “pots of gold” often associated with leprechauns. The legend says that if you catch a leprechaun, you can force him to tell you where he hid his pot of gold. Supposedly, this pot of gold is hidden at the end of a rainbow. Because you can never find the “end” of a rainbow, you can’t get the pot of gold.

Get Lucky with Amaretto!

Over the years, Amaretto has celebrated St. Patrick’s day with random drops and special edition breedables. Let’s take a look back.

On March 17, 2014, Amaretto released a random drop eye to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! These eyes do have the ability to pass.

On March 17, 2015, Amaretto wanted to celebrate Happy St. Patrick’s Day by releasing a random drop eye! These eyes do have the ability to pass.

Amaretto celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with some adorable editions! These 2016 St Patrick’s Day Editions were hiding some magical surprises! The eyes do have the ability to pass.


On March 3, 2017, Amaretto celebrated and released the 2017 St. Patrick’s Day Animals! These were hiding some magical surprises! All the eyes, and K-9 collars, are passable.


Amaretto celebrated St. Patrick’s Day on March 9, 2019, with the release of the 2019 Luck of the Irish animals. These did have hidden traits. All the eyes, and K-9 collar, are passable.

Horse K-9 Ponie Duck

Start searching for those St. Patrick’s day traits today and create your own St. Patrick’s Day creation!

Until next time…Happy Breeding! 🍀

3rd Designer LE Contest Winner!

Hello everyone! Its a terrific Tuesday! Ive been busy working here at the ranch and today it was busy counting votes!

Voting has closed to vote on the 3rd Designer LE Contest! Now it is time to announce the winner!

We had a great voter turn out so hopefully you voted!
Lets get down to business a big CONGRATS goes to………………….. Luna Barak!!

Here is Luna’s submission:
Number 4!

I really like this design, I am excited to see it come to fruition! This design is def unique and unlike any others that we have!

Watch for this Limited Edition Design in the months to come! Remember its never to late to be working on your design for the next contest! In the mean time if you have an idea that you want to share with Amaretto remember there are multiple ways to share!

Congrats to Luna again! This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!

Picture of the month March 2021!

Hello everyone! Its Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! If you havent seen those new Kirins go check them out!

Because today is the 15th of March means its time to pick out the Picture of the Month!

Anyone can enter all you have to do is take a picture of your favorite Amaretto Breedable you can even include your self in the photo!

You can enter as many photos as you like, photos can or can not be edited, taking a awesome in world photo is enough, but if you choose to edit you can.

You enter your picture by putting a full perm picture or texture on a nc, and drop the nc in any camera located at all the main stores!

Here is this months winner!

Now we have a picture from the wedding! Take a look at this picture of the month picturing the Valentines Day Mr and Mrs Wright! Congrats to Isis Rosea!

Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!


Hello everyone hope you are enjoying your Sunday and your weekend has been going well.

Today I want to shine the spotlight on the Blanket trait for our horses!

On April 27, 2019 Amaretto released the 6.01 update! With this update came lots of new traits!

On Dec.13,2019 Amaretto released 2019 Holiday Editions, hiding in these was the Christmas Plaid blanket!

On February 14, 2020 Amaretto celebrated Valentines Day with a random drop Happy Valentines 2020 Blanket!

On May 5, 2020 Amaretto released the El Dorado Edition horses they were hiding the El Dorado Blanket!

On Nov.18,2020 Amaretto released the 2020 Camelot Editions horses they were hiding the Camelot and Royalty Blankets!

The Blankets are one set of many exciting possible Non-Starter traits that can come from breeding “Starter Coats”.

You can have a chance at one of these exciting Non-Starter Blankets by breeding any horse with a starter horse or by breeding together two starter horses.

The Blanket trait can NOT be combined with a saddle however the Blanket trait DOES have the ability to pass!

So which one is your favorite?  If you are like me I can’t pick just one I love them all!

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have had a great weekend and an even better week ahead!


Kirin Edition Animals!

Hey everyone! Its a Super Saturday and I have a surprise for you! Its not every Saturday i get to share some exciting news with you!

We have been hard at work at the ranch, well now its time to unveil what we have been doing!

Have you ever heard of a Kirin?
A Kirin is a mythical hooved chimerical creature known in Chinese and other East Asian cultures, said to appear with the imminent arrival or passing of a sage or illustrious ruler. It is sometimes called the “Chinese unicorn” when compared with the Western unicorn.

So take a look at Amaretto’s version of the Spring Kirin!
These Kirin Editions animals will be available from today 3/13/2021 until 3/26/2021!
These animals DO NOT have to breed together to get some hidden surprises!

These are amazing animals!

2021 Spring Kirin – Metamorphosis
Eye: Metamorphosis

2021 Spring Kirin – Bloom
Eye: Bloom

2021 Spring Kirin – Renewal
Eye: Renewal

2021 Spring Kirin – Awakening
Eye: Awakening

2021 Spring Kirin – Metamorphosis
Eye: Metamorphosis
Collar: Metamorphosis

2021 Spring Kirin – Bloom
Eye: Bloom
Collar: Bloom

2021 Spring Kirin – Metamorphosis
Eye: Two Become One

2021 Spring Kirin – Awakening
Eye: Awakening

2021 Spring Kirin – Renewal
Eye: Renewal

2021 Spring Kirin – Bloom
Eye: Bloom

Go get yours today! This is Ava over and out! Happy breeding everyone!

Dogue de Bordeaux

Affectionate, loyal, courageous. The most ancient of French dog breeds, the Dogue de Bordeaux (“Mastiff of Bordeaux”) was around even before France was France. These brawny fawn-coated guardians of considerable courage are famously loyal, affectionate, and protective. The Dogue de Bordeaux is an immensely powerful mastiff-type guardian. Males can go 27 inches high and 110 pounds. The short, eye-catching coat is a richly colored fawn. The massive head features a Bulldog-like undershot jaw, expressive eyes, and a deeply furrowed brow. It is, proportionately, the largest head in the canine kingdom. The body is stocky and close to the ground, but Dogues can move like lions when duty calls. This muscular breed has been put to work pulling carts, transporting heavy objects, and guarding flocks.

The Dogue de Bordeaux has been used in movies several times, Dragonheart, Payback, Eyes of an Angel, and the only one where the dog got billing, Turner and Hooch. Dogues are one of the breeds that tend to drool a lot, something which was highlighted as part of the comedy in the movie.

In 2012 with the 1.5 K-9 update one of the coats hiding in the new starters was the Dogue de Bordeaux. You could have a chance at one of these exciting Non-Starter coated Dogue de Bordeaux by breeding any K-9 with a starter K-9 or by breeding together two starter K-9s. The Dogue de Bordeaux coat CAN pass.

Since Amaretto also has the Drool trait in dogs, isn’t it perfect to add that trait to your Dogue breeds? You can actually see the drool dripping from the dogs mouth if it has that trait LOL

The Albino Ponie!!

Hey everyone! Its a great day here at Amaretto and I wanted to take some time to show you something in case you missed it! Its super exciting for all the ponie breeders! What am i talking about??

The Albino Ponie!!

Isnt it lovely! Well how do you get one thats the question? Well you have to breed sibling ponies together! When you breed sibling ponies together you have the chance to get the new Albino Ponie!

The coat on the Albino Ponie does NOT have the ability to pass! However each Albino Ponie will come with an Albino Eye that DOES have the ability to pass!

So get those siblings breeding! Good luck everyone and happy breeding! This is Ava over and out!

Star Bright, Star Night!

Happy Hump Day Breeders!

At least once in your life, I’m sure you’ve heard the following nursery rhyme:

Have you ever wished on a star? No one is really sure how the tradition or superstition got started but it dates back to ancient times.

Wish On An Amaretto Star!

Luckily, breeders don’t have to wait for a clear night to make a wish on a star! Amaretto has its own Star Bright and Star Night horse eyes that you can certainly make your wishes on!

On December 25, 2013, Amaretto randomly gave out 6 OOAK Amaretto Favorite horses to breeders who had purchased and registered a “12 Days of Christmas Fireplace”. These eyes were the hidden surprises from the 6 OOAK Amaretto Favorite horses! These eyes DO have the ability to pass.

Get out there and search high and low for these amazing eyes to add to your next project.

Until next time, happy breeding! You never know when your wish may come true! ⭐