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Ponie Demon Wings!

Hey everyone its a Manic Monday and Amaretto is at it again! We are always striving to work and create new fun things for your animals!

I was working on some wiki stuff today, btw if you know something missing from the wiki please send Avalon Crystal a note card and let me know.

However I was working on the ponie wiki today and I wanted to spotlight the Demon wings on the ponies!

I absolutely things these wings are AWESOME! Take a look!
There are currently 5 demon wings:





These wings do have the ability to pass!
You can check them out anything on our wki:

I hope that all of you have a great day and happy breeding! This is Ava over and out!

Duck Tail Color!!

What a fantastic random drop on the 4th of July this year. For 24 hours only Amaretto gave us some amazing 4th of July random drops. However, this connection will just focus on the new trait for ducks that popped out and that is the 7th trait for Ducks – Tail Color!!

These are amazing traits to use to start building a perfect Independence/Celebrate Duck. Now just imagine this trait on the user created breed: Freedom Reigns!

Have a great Sunday everyone!!!



Hi everyone I hope your Saturday is going well and your weekend is off to a great start!

Today the spotlight is shining on the Exotic Barnyard Birds!

Exotic Birds are very special birds that can be born at random from ANY bird breeding combination. And the great thing about these special and rare birds is that they will give a gradual boost to the Vivacity of birds within 10 meters over a period of time!

When you breed an Exotic Bird (whether it is with another Exotic Bird or any other bird) you DO have an increased chance at receiving another random Exotic Bird. The Exotic Birds are NOT able to pass their breed or eyes. However, you could get extremely lucky and birth another Exotic Bird.

The non-Exotic offspring of Exotic Birds do NOT have an increased chance of producing Exotic Birds. Let’s take a look at this gorgeous birds below!

As an added twist to the Barnyard Birds the Exotic Birds that are Special/Rare Birds have the possibility of being found in the Starter Packs**

For more information on the Amaretto Barnyard Birds check them out on the wiki at

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week ahead!



People often ask me, “Where can i advertise my Amarettos for sale?”. Here’s a little hint…..NOT in the Amaretto chat groups, just like it says in the group info-NO ADS of ANY kind( including freebies, giveaways, or trading). Where you CAN advertise is in Amaretto Advertising Network. A group joiner for that can be found at the Amaretto food stores.

Once you’ve joined, you can open the group info from your group contacts list, and you will see a tab for Notices. Open this and you see New Notices. When you click that you get a subject line to title your notice and a message box to post what you are trying to sell. You can copy/paste the stats about it, or create your own message to draw people in and let them know what you have. If you have a place for them to see your items don’t forget to include a landmark, if not you can just say to message you if they are interested. You can also put ads in the group for items you are looking for. This is where you can advertise your Amaretto Ranch Breedables ONLY for sale.
USE FAIR MARKET PRICING when posting your ads
The posting limit for this group is 1 notice per 2 hours.
There is no group chat in this group

Another place you might look to post For Sale or Wanted ads, is in the market groups you belong to, as many of them allow you to post ads as long as it’s for something at THEIR marketplace. Please be nice and don’t post ads for another venue in the group. You wouldn’t go into Burger King carrying a poster for Macdonalds would you? Well maybe, but it’s a no-no.

Hopefully this has been a help, and Happy Breeding to everyone!

Congrats to Stefalop Woodford!

Hi guys! Its a great day here at the ranch! We have been having fun all week long at Summer Fest I hope you got to attend some of the events!

We have our big auction tomorrow at 5! If you need a proxy bidder please contact Avalon Crystal!

Today I wanted to show of this month’s picture of the month!

Congrats to Stefalop Woodford!

I think this picture is awesome! Remember you can enter to win anytime!
Happy breeeding everyone this is Ava over and out!

Grease Is The Word For Amaretto Summer Fest!

Grease is the word! It’s got groove, it’s got meaning!

Don’t miss the Rebel Yell Concerts production of Grease TODAY at 2 PM (SLT). This, new for 2021 Musical, choreographed by GuiltyAngel Rhapsody, is based on the 1978 film of the same name.

Grease follows ten working-class teenagers in 1958 as they navigate the complexities of high school, peer pressure, social issues, and love. The lead characters are gang leader Danny and Australian transfer student Sandy who develop an attraction for each other.

Check out a few scenes from the show!

A fun fact is that a lot of the performers are actually Amaretto Breeders, too! So, support the Community and make plans now to attend this rockn’ and rollin’ performance! Be sure to get there early as the show is limited to 60 (to help with the lag). Your limousine awaits – 🚗

Until Next Time…Happy Breeding!

Maximillion Kleene @ Summer Fest!

Hey everyone its a Terrific Tuesday! Well Summer Fest is in full swing! We had a blast today listening to Maximillion Kleene play for us!

We gave away Jumbo Mix Packs for prizes so congrats to all the winners!

If you didn’t make it well here is some pics for you!

Thank you Max for a great performance!
Don’t forget that tomorrow we have Rebel Yell with a production of Grease! I can’t wait! Hope to see you there!

OOAK and New Traits @ Summer Fest!

Hello everyone! Its a Manic Monday and I am so excited I cant stand it to announce and show off to you guys!

Lets talk about Summer Fest!

Today we are proud to show to you guys all the amazing things that will be up for auction! The OOAK Auction will be at 5:00 PM SLT on Friday!

This is the final set in the series!
Take a look at OOAK Seven Heavenly Virtues – Humility!

Lets not forget OOAK Seven Deadly Sins – Envy!

These are amazing animals!

The OOAK ponies are 2021 OOAK Electric Dragonfly and 2021 OOAK Seaspray Dragonfly!

We have also done something a little different this year, we realize that not everyone can purchase a OOAK, so we have created a handful of new traits that you may purchase on friday! The winner will be the only one with this trait in world, these traits will have the ability to pass!
Here is the new traits!

Gem Crown Onyx Horns! There is one for the horses, k-9s, and ponies!

Two new Dragon wings Fire and Ice!

A new Silver Glitter Wing for the horses!

Rainbow Tail Piece for K-9s!

Hot Rod Bandanna for the ponies!

Pink Blue Wacky Wattle for Chickens!

Hot Rod Beak Bill Color for the Ducks!

You can check out all these out in world at this location

The bid Boards are open and you can bid on them until Friday!
The highest bid on the bid board will be the opening bid on Friday at the auction!
We will be having a party at 1 PM today to kick off all the Summer Fest fun so come join us!

Ponie Horns!!

The little Ponie Pals now have four different types of horns that you can add into your breeding to make that extra special Ponie of your dreams. So today’s connection will take you on a tour of these wonderful horns. 🙂

Unicorn Horn

The original starters hide this trait with the original five horns, Milky, Murky, Pickle, Twisted Murky, Twisted Pickle.

To get more details about these great little horns go to the Wiki page located here.

Crown Gem

On February 13,2020 the 2020 Gacha Ponie Pals were released and they brought this brand new horn trait with the Crown Gems.

Since these were so adorable, the 2020 Celestial Crystal Edition brought with them two more crowns.

Steer Horn

With the 2.0 update on May 25, 2020, this new horn style was added for the ponies with four great variations.

With these fantastic horns you can make your own little moo Ponie Pal today. They look really adorable on our little Ponie friends.

Corkscrew Horns

On Apr.13,2021 Amaretto released the 2021 Gachacorn Editions, which could pass their horns and eyes. There were three Commons: Gachacorn Red/Grey, Gachacorn Gold/Silver, and Gachacorn Cyan/Tan, two Rares: Gachacorn Pink/Teal and Gachacorn Green/Purple and the Ultra Rare Gachacorn Rainbow.

These are still on sale, so why not buy a set and see if you can get these horns for your Ponie Pal herd today.

So many traits so many amazing ideas!!

Happy Saturday everyone I hope your weekend is off to an awesome start!

Today the spotlight is shining on YOU and your creations!

Have you thought about a design for your breedables that you would like to create? Would you like to share that with your fellow breeders?

Did you know that you can submit that project/design that you have been working on to AMOC to be displayed in one of the many designer albums on the AMOC facebook page?  Well you can! So how do you go about doing that?

1st decide on your base (coat, breed or style) eyes, mane & tail
2nd decide on what you want to use for the designer traits, for example:
Coat/Hair Hues, Wings,Horns, Saddles,Bridles, Ear Tips, Brand, Socks, Hoofs, Looney Legs, Wild Hairs, Beaks, Legs, Wings, Nose, Paw Warmers, Dipped ears,Wings, Horns, Style, etc.

Oh my so many to choose from but that is where the fun comes in right? You decide what you want your completed project to have trait wise!

Wow, you have done all that? Great!! Now what to do next.

How to submit to AMOC:

Create a notecard and name it your creation name, avatar name & date then on the inside of the notecard list the information about your project/creation, for example:

My Creation by
My Avatar
Horse/K9/Bird/Ponie Stats
Parents Stats

Please list what stats you will want to see on the completed creation/project. It does NOT have to be completed to submit. You can resubmit an update when you have completed your project.  Please do not send updates to add wing, horn and/or saddle styles to the existing designs.  Styles will be included in your future submissions.

Parents full stats (including UUIDs) MUST be sent in with the designer.

Next take a picture of the breedable as it currently looks (you can always submit an updated picture at a later date). Make sure the picture is full perm and drag it into the notecard.

Now drop the notecard into the collection box just inside the AMOC Headquarters

Do not send notecards to AMOC officers — all notecards/submissions must be put in the AMOC mailbox only.  Notecards that are put in any other mailbox will be deleted.

Your creation will be posted as soon as we verify that there has not already been a similar project previously submitted. If there is already a similar project we will verify the date the picture was taken and that will determine the creator (think of the picture as your copyright)!!

You will only be notified in-world if there is a question about your design. Otherwise, you should be able to find your submission, within a week, on the AMOC facebook page.

You can also see these directions on the website at

You can take a look at some of the many AMOC certified designers that have been submitted in the past from Festive Traits, Coloring Book, Sweet Treats, Reds Reds & more Reds and so many more right here

So what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to see what you have come up with!

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have a great weekend and an amazing week ahead!

Happy Breeding!