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Wacky Wattles

  • Rainbow Candy
  • Strawberry Cream
  • Liberty
  • Reflection Nebula
  • Soul Nebula
  • Prudence
  • Excess
  • Coveted – Water
  • Coveted – Fire
  • Coveted – Earth
  • Coveted – Wind
  • Coveted – Light
  • Coveted – Dark
  • Coveted – Heart
  • Coveted – Ice
  • Coveted – Metal

Amaretto celebrated Valentines Day on Feb 2nd 2019 and released Valentines Edition animals that you could purchase until Feb 15th 2019. There was the a chance that you could get a brand new trait Wacky Wattle from any breeding of these 2019 Valentines Day Edition Barnyard Birds Chickens.

This was the the 13th trait added to the Barnyard Birds Chickens, the Wacky Wattle!

On June 10, 2020 Amaretto released 2020 Celestial Crystal Edition Animals, these birds were hiding Wacky Wattle Reflection Nebula and Soul Nebula!

Prudence and Excess Wacky Wattle were hiding in the 2020 OOAK Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Heavenly Virtues Birds!

The next new monthly breeding was the Coveted was released on July 1, 2020 each month the Coveted Bird was hiding a brand new Coveted Wacky Wattle!

The Wacky Wattle DOES have the ability to pass!

Stay Safe in the Water

As we approach spring break and summer it might be important to spread some caution. Although the Ponie Pals do seem cute and adorable, there are some that dwell in the deep part of the ocean and can be a little hungry. So let’s take a little look at the 2017 Deluxe Edition da-dum da-dum da-dum Ponie Pals.

Amaretto celebrated Summer with the release of the Deluxe Edition 2017 Summer Edition – da-dum da-dum da-dum Ponies!

You can get the 2017 Summer Edition – da-dum da-dum da-dum from August 4th to August 18th 2017 at all Amaretto Ranch locations!

These were the second Ponie Pal Deluxe editions ever released so they are not available for purchase from Amaretto anymore but maybe you can find some from your fellow breeders.

Not only could you get their amazing eye (the Great White eye) to drop:

But you could also get this amazing new style

So stay safe out there in the Ponie infested waters!!

Dazzling Darlings!

Hello everyone and Happy Saturday!! I hope your weekend is off to a fantabulos start!

Today I wanted to take a look at the amazing Dazzle Horses. These horses are absolutely gorgeous and very special.

On September 1, 2015 Amaretto released the Dazzle horses!

On October 7,2016 Amaretto released new starters in version 5.5 there were new hidden Dazzle Horses Ruby, Peridot, Opal, Turquoise, and Pearl Dazzle Horses.

Dazzle Horses can only come by breeding a male and female with Dazzle eyes together.

The Dazzle eyes can be viewed on the wiki at the following links:

They do NOT have to be the same Dazzle Eyes to have a chance at getting one of these randomly dropped coats.The Saddles that come with each amazing Dazzle coat are specific to their coat and they do have the ability to pass. That’s right you heard it correct these beautiful new Saddles DO have the ability to pass!! Dazzle Horses can NOT pass their coat. However breeding a Dazzle Horse with another Dazzle Horse or with any other horse with Dazzle Eyes you will slightly increase your chance for another Dazzle Horse.

For a closer look at any of these gorgeous horses check them out on the wiki at

So have fun and good luck in getting one of these amazingly gorgeous horses.

Until next week this is Snookie hoping your weekend is fantastic and your next week is even better!


2021 Designer LE contest!!

Hello my Amaretto Family!! Its FRIYAY and we made it! Wooooooo! So its time for all of you to come vote!
What am I talking about?

Its time to vote for the Designer LE contest!!! There are 10 submissions that are being voted on!
Voting is located at the main store only!

So here is your ride:

How do you vote?? Come on over and check out all the submissions pick your favorite and create a nc and place the number of the one you like the best on the notecard and drop it in the orange mail box.

There are some rules to voting:
*One vote pet Avatar
*Only active breeders count
*You must be the creator of your notecard any double notecards will be disqualified!

Voting is open until 3/25/2022! So come down and cast your vote and lets see who makes it to the final round of voting and ultimately into something we all get to add to our breeding herd!!

If you have any questions please contact Avalon Crystal!
Happy voting everyone!


The Appaloosa is an American horse breed best known for its colorful spotted coat pattern. In North America, the Nez Perce people of what today is the United States Pacific Northwest developed the original American breed. Settlers once referred to these spotted horses as the “Palouse horse”, possibly after the Palouse River, which ran through the heart of Nez Perce country. Gradually, the name evolved into “Appaloosa”.

Today, the Appaloosa is one of the most popular breeds in the United States; it was named the official state horse of Idaho in 1975. Appaloosas have been used in many movies; an Appaloosa is the mascot for the Florida State Seminoles. Appaloosa bloodlines have influenced other horse breeds, including the Pony of the Americas, the Nez Perce Horse, and several gaited horse breeds.

One of the flashiest Appaloosa horses is the Leopard Appy., with dark spots on a white background coat.

Check out this Sorrel Peacock Leopard Appy!

When Amaretto began waaaay back in September of 2010, they released their first set of starter horses, which included the Appaloosa in four colors, black, brown, grey and tan. Like other starters, they each came with possible hidden coats and traits. The hidden coats/traits might or might not be Non-Starter. The Appaloosa coat can be passed on.

The Appaloosa starter coat has been put “Out to Pasture” which means none will come in any starter, breeder or rancher packs sold at the store, but there are still Appaloosas out there being bred from existing lines. Happy Breeding!


Dear Breeders,

Have you heard about random drops? Do they still exist? Are they like finding gold at the end of the rainbow or spotting a leprechaun? In years past, Amaretto would gift us with random drops on special occasions. The community would all be in a buzz as they lined up their pregnant horses, k-9, birds, and ponies in hopes that they would be lucky enough to get that special random drop celebrating a holiday. Oh, the excitement, the joy of finding that random drop.

As most of us know tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and in years past we did receive some Random Drops! Check these out:

Random Drops:



*All Random Drops listed above did have the ability to pass

As I whistle the tune of “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” I urge you, dear breeders, to create a notecard and respectively request more “random drops” and drop it in the mailbox at the main store. I think I can safely say we miss them. This concludes Peach Buzz which informs you of the hottest trends in Amaretto.

Amaretto Koi Fish!

Hey guys! How is my Amaretto family today? Well I have some exciting news!!
Its time for some excitement! I am sooooooo proud to release the Amaretto Ki Utsuri Koi and the Amaretto Showa Koi!!

Showa are beautiful koi, with colors of white, red, and black painted across their bodies. Showa are one of the Gosanke or “Big 3” koi fish along with Taisho Sanke and Kohaku koi!

Ki Utsuri, a member of the Utsurimono family, are koi with a black body and areas of yellow pattern overlaying the black. The gene responsible for Ki Utsuri is a recessive gene. This means that Ki Utsuri are a random “throw” from a Shiro Utsuri or Hi Utsuri spawn, and can never be produced in large quantities.

These are some beautiful animals! Starting today 3/16/2022 until 3/30/2022 you can pick these up at any Amaretto location!

We have also decided to sell these to you in a single pack!!! These beautiful Koi babies are hiding amazing surprises that you can get from ANY breeding.

Take a look at these babies!

2022 Limited Edition – Ki Utsuri Koi Fish
Eye: Ki Utsuri Koi

2022 Limited Edition – Showa Koi Fish
Eye: Showa Koi

2022 Special Edition – Ki Utsuri Koi Fish
Eye: Ki Utsuri Koi
Collar: Ki Utsuri Koi

2022 Special Edition – Showa Koi Fish
Eye: Showa Koi Fish
Collar: Showa Koi Fish

2022 Collectors Edition – Ki Utsuri Koi Fish
Eye: Ki Utsuri Koi

2022 Collectors Edition – Showa Koi Fish
Eye: Showa Koi

2022 Deluxe Edition – Ki Utsuri Koi Fish

Eye: Ki Utsuri Koi

2022 Deluxe Edition – Showa Koi Fish
Eye: Showa Koi

So get yours today! Happy Fish i mean breeding everyone!!!

Flower Eyes

You can have a chance at one of these exciting Non-Starter eyes by breeding any Bird with a starter bird or by breeding together two starter birds.

These eyes CAN be passed on.

Amaretto Breedables all begin with the “Starter breed” that are sold in packs at the Amaretto Barnyard Bird stores. The Mallard and The Pekin is considered “Starter breed”.

They each come with possible hidden coats and traits. The hidden breed/traits may or may not be Non-Starter. When breeding new starters together, it is important to remember that the hidden Breed/traits may or may not drop in the first Egg or even the last Egg . You just never know! Remember, once a starter always a starter.

Puppy Paradise

Puppy Paradise Quick instructions on how to gain Kennel Cash and how to use Puppy Paradise.

How to Gain Points By Sending Your K-9 to Puppy Paradise: Simply click your K-9, click settings, click Puppy Paradise, then click yes. The number of Kennel Cash you received from the K-9 is posted in local chat. Kennels may be sent to Puppy Paradise without birthing.


How to Use your Kennel Cash: Simply go to the any of our store locations and find the Puppy Paradise Vendor, Click the start button on the bottom right of the vendor. Your current amount of Kennel Cash will be displayed in local chat. After clicking the Start button and reviewing your Kennel Cash balance you have 60 seconds of reserved time to make a selection from the vendor. Once you have made your selection you will need to agree to spending that many points on that item. If you agree you will then receive your item from the vendor and the Kennel Cash will be deducted from your Puppy Paradise account. To make another purchase simply do it again. The Puppy Paradise Kennel Cash Reward system will Reward you for your K-9s in the following way:

Age Kennel Cash
0-10 100
11-20 200
21-30 300
31-40 400
41-50 500
51-60 600
61-70 700
71-80 800
81-90 900
91-100 1,000
101-110 1,100
111-119 1,200
120-125 1,300
126 and older(Retired K-9s) 1,400

In addition to the above Kennel Cash you will also be rewarded the following for the traits on each K-9 sent to Puppy Paradise :
Traits Kennel Cash
non-starter coats 100
non-starter eyes 100
Sheen (high or low) 100
Sheen Null 100
Radiance (high or low) 100
Radiance Null 100
non-starter ear 100
non-starter size 100
non-starter collar 100
Tint (Sunrise or Sunset) 100
Sunrise Null or Sunset Null 100
non-starter tail 100
non-starter nose 100
Gloom 100
Paw Polish 100

Immortal Ponies!!

Don’t worry nothing scary at all. But do you want your ponies to stay with you forever and never get hungry or sick? Well Amaretto has you covered with the Everlasting Ponie!

On June 15, 2017, Ponies were set free into Second Life and they brought this very special little golden apple with them.

There is only one requirement for using the Everlasting Ponie Apple (other than it can only be used on a Ponie) but that Ponie must be Vintage, meaning they have no more descendants left.


1. Open boxed Everlasting Ponie and rez next to the Ponie you wish to become a pet.

2. Click the Ponie and go to the consumables option on the menu.

3. Find Everlasting from the options on the menu and click it.

Once the ponies stats have been updated the Everlasting Ponie consumable will disappear.

Once you have used it the text on your Ponie will change from Vintage to Pet. And now your Ponie will be able to go anywhere with you without being hungry or getting sick.