Happy Monday Amaretto Community!! It’s that time again to use my Customer Connection day to introduce you to each of the Amaretto Satellite Store locations! So today I am going to put my weekly focus on E&S Breedables! Now I know I have already done a Weekly Focus on E & S Breedables however…. they now have a Barnyard Bird satellite location!! You heard me right…. E & S is an amazing breedable market and now it has a Barnyard Bird store location for all bird needs! I have included a list of the market owners below:

Snookiegirl Resident- Market Owner

Elektra Haystack- Market Owner

The staff at E&S Breedables are there to make sure all your breedable questions and needs are answered! This market is your one stop shop for all things Amaretto Breedable Barnyard Birds. This market offers auctions, patron auctions, direct sales pens and shops, raffles, and much much more! So use this link http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Miniconjou/122/213/26 and come on down to E&S Breedables to see all they have to offer!!






Happy breeding until the next time when I cover another satellite store location….



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