Introducing Lakenvelders and Platinum Blue Beak and Leg!

Hey guys its a Super Sunday here at the Amaretto Ranch!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday with your families!

I wanted to be the first to introduce you to the great Christmas Gifts hiding in the 2015 Holiday Edition – Ghost of Jacob Marley and 2015 Holiday Edition – Ebenezer Scrooge Barnyard Birds!

Take a look at the Platinum Blue Lakenvelder and the Silver Lakenvelder!!!
These are brand new Non-Starter coats that can come from any breeding of the 2015 Holiday Edition Barnyard Birds.

Silver Lakenvelder

Platinum Blue Lakenvelder

Wait thats not all! Take a closer look because these birds have something special on them! A brand new beak color and leg that has the ability to pass!

Introducing the Platinum Blue Beak and Leg!

Platinum Blue leg

Platinum Blue Beak Color
These do have the ability to pass on to offspring as hidden and showing!! I can not wait to see what great projects you will start with these new beaks, legs, and breeds!!!!

I know we are all waiting to see what will come from the K-9s and Horses but we will just have to wait for those pregnancies to be over!!! Until next time this is Ava over and out!!! Happy Breeding everyone!


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