Graduation Time!!!!

Hey guys its another terrific Tuesday here at the ranch! I had a meeting with the boss today, and after much deliberation I am happy to announce the 6th Amaretto Ranch University Graduation!!!

Yes! Thats right we will be holding our 6th graduation from the Amaretto Ranch University, this is the first graduating class of 2016!

We will be giving the Graduates a Graduation Celebration as well as Ceremony! This will be on March 23rd at 1 PM SLT!!!

How do you become a graduate??
Its easy simply attend all the classes at the ARU and once you have completed all send in a notecard with your name titled graduation application!

I will be annoucing all of our current graduates as the day approaches, but don’t worry we have left over a month for those of you missing one or two classes to get them in. Who knows what surprises we have in store for the 6th Graduating Class of the ARU.

If you dont already know you can check out the class schedule here:

Classes are held at 9 AM and again at 5 PM SLT at ARU:

If you have any questions about the graduation or you classes please feel free to message Avalon Crystal! Happy Breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!


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