Beautiful Crazed Barnyard Birds!

Happy Saturday everyone!! Today I wanted to take a moment to reveal the Crazed Silver Wyandottes!! These birds are absolutely stunning! Have a look at the pictures below!

From February 5, 2016 to March 5, 2016, if you breed ANY Silver Wyandotte Barnyard birds together you have a chance of getting a Crazed Silver Wyandotte!! On these beauties, the breed and beautiful crazed eye will have the ability to pass.

Eudialyte Crazed Silver Wyandotte

Rhodonite Crazed Silver Wyandotte

Azurite Crazed Silver Wyandotte

Moldavite Crazed Silver Wyandotte

Eye: Rainbow Arcane Rune


Happy Crazed bird breeding!!!

Until next time……



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