Please Welcome Our New Moderators!

Hello everyone and Happy Monday! I am super excited today and would like to use my connection day to tell you why…. Amaretto Ranch now has 3 new group moderators! Our group moderators are there for our community in so many ways, such as answering questions, help out during update times, and to chit chat with you about all things Amaretto! Please take a moment to say hello and congrats to the following awesome people!

Snookie (snookiegirl)

Snookie Profile
zєυѕ иσχ (treeve)

zeus treeve resident
Ɓαzzα Hαχ Hυχχ (bastian.hax)

Bazza Hax - Close Up 1

Congrats you three and I am super excited and looking forward to working with you!

Happy breeding! Until next time……..


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