Interview With an Amaretto Breeder

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day!!

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Fe Dubrovna. Fe is in the Amaretto Group so when you see her give her a big hello!!

Please tell the community a little about yourself. Where you are from and what brought you to Second Life?
Hi! I’m Fe….in RL and SL! I am from Memphis, TN where I work as a dog groomer at an animal hospital. I used to work for a corporate salon and one of the other groomers recommended Secondlife to me. After day 1 I was hooked.

Which Amaretto Breedables do you own?
All of them, I have them all! Horses, K9s, and Barnyard Birds. It’s an addiction. I plan to own the ponie pals too as soon as they’re released!

How did you get started in breedables?
I lived with my close family here for years. We lived together and would help each other run our different businesses and build together. In October 2010, Kiyla brought home a baby horse and we all fell in love. In a matter of weeks we had the whole sim filled with them and had to move just so we could have room for our work and our horses.

Do you own other breedables besides Amaretto?
I used to breed Meeroos too, but stopped shortly after they were released. I still have a beta meeroo, but no longer breed them.

What special projects are you working on right now with your Amaretto Horses?
My main project for the past year is a Whovian Horse because I am a fan of Doctor Who. It has 15 traits and I am almost there. I just birthed a horse with 13 of the needed traits!

Aside from that I am still trying for an Albino Percheron or an Albino Exmoor Pony.

What special projects are you working on right now with your Amaretto K-9s?
I have a few sets breeding for Blanco’s and mutts that I do not currently own.

Also, as a collector I had a hard time finding the 2013 Give Thanks Mahogany k9. Now that I have found one I am breeding him trying to get more of these out into circulation for anyone else that might be out searching for one.

What special projects are you working on right now with your Amaretto Barnyard Birds?
I am trying to get more 2013 Give Thanks Mahogany birds out into circulation…same reason as the k9 version of it.
What is your favorite Amaretto Breedable?
This isn’t a fair question. How do you pick? I’ve loved horses for 5 years! I love the doggies too! If I did have to pick, I would have to pick the horses. They have had a place in my heart for the longest.

What are some other things that you enjoy doing in Second Life when you’re not taking care of your breedables?
I was no aware there was anything else. O.O I’m just kidding…sorta lol. I no longer build in SL because collecting takes a lot of my time. I search over 10 sims daily to try to find things I am missing and help other collectors sometimes find things they are missing as well. Other than that I do try to spend time hanging out with friends when they are online, playing games, and going on an occasional hunt for a gacha when someone drags me along lol

There you go!! Thank you Fe for letting me interview you for this week’s connection!

I have included some pictures of Fe’s special Amaretto Breedables!

Until next week Happy Breeding!!

Fe Fe1 Fe2 Fe3


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