And The Graduates Are…

Happy Monday Amaretto community! Today I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the newest Amaretto Ranch University graduating Class of 2016! Each and every one of our graduates have put in a lot of time and work in to completing every single class that ARU has to offer! In honor of their hard work we will be holding the graduation ceremony this Wednesday March 23, 2016 at 1pm slt! We will be having a super exciting after party immediately following the ceremony! There will be music, dancing, and fun to celebrate all of the graduates hard work! Congratulations graduates… you have earned it!!

Amaretto Ranch University – Class of 2016

Cordelia (Cordelia Chrome)
Owen Savage Vedrina (Owen Vedrina)
Monavie Voight
Maverick MacIntyre
baby (MsCharms Resident)
Hunter Whitefalcon
angie2 Diesel
Fe Dubrovna
Cristal Genesis
Manek Mauvaise
ӍίɑⱩღɗɑ Ӎɑʊⱴɑίsɛ (MiaKodah Resident)
Prince Ali Immortal (ally Brune)
Foxie Dinzeo (Foxie Okelly)
Julana Teichmann
ƛnderδon ƛrtiδ (Anderson Artis)
Janinina Resident
ZiNA (tarzinalda Resident)
Olaf Edelmann
Honey  Bee (Honeyhoneybee Resident)
ღ Çℓαȋгȼ Çαгȋɲȼ ღ (Claire1952 Resident)
KavanJarlath Resident
ღ Kalista ღ (KalistaGrey Resident)
ღ ℰℳℤ ღ  (Emariz Elman)
Devilyn Moonites
Pams Italiano (Pams Nightfire)
Christina (ChristinaMaple Resident)
Sedan7777 Resident
愛 ㊉ ҜίլլЄƦ ㊉ 愛 (KillerTrex Resident)
venere00 Resident
Zev Luv
KittyCat Greymoon Rodenberger  (Kitty Astermann)
ღ尺uɓч Ąşhℓєч Đєŋѵєг ʀᴏчᴄє ღ (RubyAshley2013 Resident)
Henry Crawford (HenryCrawford Resident)
Molly Lundquist
POP (meatylolipop Walpole)
Bindi Serpente
εїз  ღℓαℓα .Śσmmєrღ εїз (lyrica.melodie)


~*~ CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS cLaSs Of 2016 ~*~


Psssst… here is a sneak peek of the ARU animals that this graduating class will receive!!


I hope to see everyone at the graduation and after party this coming Wednesday March 23, 2016 at 1pm slt! Also, if you haven’t started classes at ARU… NOW is the time! ARU offers a rotating schedule of classes… so if you miss a class, don’t worry, it will be offered again! Get those classes in so you can be a part of the next graduating class from ARU!

Until next time……..


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