Happy Thursday everyone!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful breeding week! A lot has been going on since my last blog, the hidden surprises in the ARU horses showed up and were fabulous and also the Spring Editions are at all the Amaretto stores so be sure you get yours while they are out!

This week as we continue our journey through the Amaretto Alphabet we get to talk about something that all of us Barnyard Breeders spend hours staring at our birds waiting on!


N is for ………….Nests!!


Whether they are starter nests you buy at the Amaretto stores or if they are non-starter nests you’ve been waiting on  all week, they’re still exciting!

The starter nests from the Amaretto stores you simply need to click them and chose birth and they birth right away.  When your birds drop their own nests those will be non-starter nests.  The non-starter nests need to be placed in the incubator and take 1 hour to hatch.  The incubators can birth up to 12 Barnyard Birds at one time.

After having the Barnyard Bird nest there will be a 3 day nesting period for both the male and the female Barnyard Bird.  After the nesting period is completed it will then take approximately 2 days for the Barnyard Bird to reach 100% vigor provided they have vivacity of 85% or higher.


If you do not have the Barnyard birds yet you best run out and get you a set so that you to can join in on the fun exciting surprises that breeding the Barnyard Birds!  Until next week, Happy Breeding!!




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