Amaretto Americana!!

Hey there everyone! Its another Terrific Tuesday here at the ranch! So we were so busy in the month of July I got a lot of new stuff to tell you about and show off!

First up is the Looney Leg Americana!
Starting on July 1st until July 31st anytime you breed A horses with a Heart Horn to a horse with a Spirit Horn you will have a chance at getting Looney Leg Americana! How cool will this look on all of your patriotic projects! Remember this does have the ability to pass on!

Looney Leg Americana2

Starting on July 1st until July 31st anytime you breed 2 K-9s one with Peppermint Paw Polish and First Frost Paw Polish together you will get a chance at a Looney Leg Americana!! There are no other requirements other than one K-9 must have a Peppermint Paw Polish and one First Frost Paw Polish!
These K-9s are stepping out in style!

You guys love it when Amaretto gets a little batty!
Starting July 1st until July 31st any 2 Barnyard Birds breed together one with Cuprite Beak and one with Azurite Beak give you a chance at Batty Bosom Americana!
How cute is this!

All of these are available through breeding the above requirements until 31st!! So keep your eyes out for these in your herd and at the markets! I can’t wait to announce next months Looney Leg and Batty Bosom. Until next time this is Ava over and out! Happy Breeding everyone!!!


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