I Suggest You Read This …..

Happy Thursday!  I wanted to shine my Spotlight this week on one of my favorite things each month …. The Community Meeting.  Last night we had a great Community Meeting with many of you showing up with lots of great questions and some really good suggestions.  I thought it would be fun and maybe even inspiring to many of you if I showed you some of the suggestions from the Community Meeting.  Remember there are many ways to get your suggestions or ideas to us here at Amaretto, the Community Meeting of course is one of them but you can also file a ticket on the support system and submit your suggestions, or you can go to the Amaretto Store locations and put your suggestions in 1 of the many Suggestion Boxes at the stores.  We get many great suggestions from you Community Members and I want to encourage you all to keep them coming and always attend the Community Meetings.

When you do have inspiration strike you be sure to get those ideas to us and remember that many of our best ideas have come directly from you the Amaretto Community!  (Josie sees them all)

I look forward to seeing you all at the next Community Meeting (the last Wednesday in August) and I can’t wait to see what wonderful suggestions you bring with you!

Until next time, Happy Breeding (and suggesting)!




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