Visit the Amaretto Museums!

Happy Saturday everyone! Today I wanted to remind you all about the wonderful Amaretto Horse, K-9, and Barnyard Bird museums. Avalon and I have worked very hard on them and it shows! The museums are an awesome way to have an up close look at every horse, K-9, and bird Amaretto has made to date. If you are ever curious as to what a certain coat or breed may look like or if you’re looking to start a new breeding project and want ideas… come on down to the museums and check them out.

Every museum has a teleport board that can take you directly to the specific horse or k-9 you want to see. They also have a group joiner board and it also has a button for each of our social media sites!

Horse Museum



K-9 and Bird Museum





So what are you waiting for… get on down to the Amaretto museums and have a look!

Until next time………


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