Safari Looney Leg and Batty Bosom!

Hey everyone how are you today?! I hope that everyone is having a Super Sunday!!! I wanted to take a few moments to stop and show off to everyone this months Looney Leg and Batty Bososm!!!

Take a look at this Batty Bosom Safari!

You can have a chance at a Batty Bosom Safari by breeding two Barnyard Birds together with a Tribal Beak Design,

Looney Leg Safari for the K-9s take a peek!

Anytime you breed a K-9 to another K-9 with Into the wild Eyes: Tiger, Jaguar, Giraffe, Zebra, Reptile, Rainbow Wild, you will get a chance at the Looney Leg Safari!
Last but certainly not least Looney Leg Safari for the horses!

Want one of your own?? Well anytime you breed 2 Safari Wings you have a chance to get your very own Looney Leg Safari!

Remember guys these Looney Legs and Batty Bosoms DO have the ability to pass on! Ive see some really cute ones out there! Remember the next Looney Leg and Batty Bosom makes will be announced later on this month so if you missed this round you can catch the next!

Until next time this is Ava over and out! Happy Breeding !


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