Ava why isn’t my horse gaining fervor??

Ava why isn’t my horse gaining fervor?? I get this question at least once a day! So i wanted to go over a few reason why this may not be happening!


The number one culprit is that your horse is not at least 75% happy! If a horses happiness is under 75% it will not gain fervor.
So why might your horse not be over 75% happy?? Lets go through the check list.

Is there a salt lick out?
Is the salt lick a old salt lick?
Is the salt lick set to the proper group?
Is the horse within range of the salt lick?
Is the horse over 7 days old?
Are scripts turned on?
Is the horse asleep?
Is the horse latest version?
Does the horse say eaten pet food?

These are all the question I ask my self when someone says the horse is not over 75% happiness. If after checking all those things off the list you have some options. You can ride the horse to see if their happiness will rise, you can give it Sugar Cubes this will increase one of your horses happiness by 15%, or give your horse a cocktail this will increase energy, happiness and fervor by 5% and decrease hunger and thirst by 5%.

After all checks and trying these options your horse will still not get over 75% happiness its time to file a ticket and let the pros take a look and see if they can find the issue. A CSR may ask for a slurl to your horse in world so we can come check your settings
How do you get a slurl?
1. Go to where your horses are in world.
2. Open the world map.
3. Click the Copy SLurl button.
4. Use control+v to paste the SLurl in your ticket!
You can file a ticket here:


Its important to know all of these trouble shooting tips if not for you then maybe your breeder friends or someone in the group!
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