What Is A.M.O.C.?

Hello and Happy Monday Amaretto community! I hope that everyone had an amazing Christmas weekend! It’s almost 2017!! Today I would like to talk to you Amaretto Market Owners Coalition also known as AMOC !

~Amaretto Market Owners Coalition~
AMOC’s goal is to keep the market owners and breeders together and hopefully promote some stabilization of the Secondary Market. Joining this group is by invitation only so if you know of a market owner or a breeder who supports Amaretto products that has not been invited to this group please contact a member of the Amaretto Team and let us know so we can invite them. Thank you for being a part of keeping Amaretto the great community it is!!


AMOC hold events every month:
AMOC Dog Show every 2nd Saturday @ 3 PM SLT
AMOC Meeting every 3rd Friday @ 11 Am SLT and 3 PM SLT
AMOC Race for Fun every last Saturday @ 3 PM SLT!

If you are not a member of the AMOC group you can contact the following officers and ask for a invite:

мιмι- (mami.deerhunter)

Snookie (snookiegirl)

Zev Luv

Savvy Sky (sweetsavannahjane)

Ɗση Mαякυ A Hαχ Hυχχ Ɗelιcιoѕo (markus.margulis)

Ɓαzzα Hαχ Hυχχ Ƈяуѕтαℓ (bastian.hax)

AMOC also takes bundle, kennel, and nest donations and organizes the grid wide Bunkennest Hunts that everyone enjoys!

You can like them on face book:



They also keep a list of classic, current, and upcoming designer horses, so if you have a special project be sure to contact and officer to have it added.

So if you have attended a AMOC meeting you should they have random prizes and lots of fun activities planed.
If you aren’t a member you should definitely check it out!!

I hope everyone has an amazing week and happy breeding!!!

Until Next Time………..


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