Wild Hair what????

Hey everyone its a terrific Tuesday here at Amaretto Ranch!
I was watching the group today and had an idea for my connection and hope it will actually help some of you.
Lets talk about Wild Hairs!
Here are some questions that I have seen lately about wild hair!

What hair can be a wild hair ??
Any horse that has a regular mane and tail sculpt.

Does that include charmed horses?
That includes charmed, limited edition, haven horses.

How can I tell what a wild hair looks like there isnt a wild hair section on the wiki??
No there is no wild hair section just go to the specific horse your wild hair is and take a peek!

Does wild hair have the ability to pass??

Where do wild hairs come from?
The come from starter horses, new limited editions, and new haven horses!

How do i know if my wild hair is new or old??
Have you seen it before? If not it could be a new wild hair!

Is wild hair considered a trait??

How many wild hairs are there??
As many horses that have a regular mane and tail sculpt.

Here is examples of a normal tail sculpt:

Here is an example of a not normal tail sculpt:

Hopefully i have cleared up some of the confusions on wild hair! This is Ava happy breeding everyone!!




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