A.R.U. Instructors needed!

Hello Amaretto!! It’s Monday, the start of a new week here at Amaretto and we have some pretty exciting news. Our beloved University is looking for a few graduates that would be interested in teaching classes. We thought it would be good for you, our community as well as for us, which will free up sometime for our staff to work on all the new and exciting things happening.

For those interested, there are a few stipulations:

1. The instructor must be a graduate from A.R.U.

2. They must be a current breeder of all of the Amaretto Animals.

3. Be able to use voice for class.

4. Be reliable.

So if anyone is interested in applying for a position, please drop me, Josaphine Cooperstone, a note card with your name, when you graduated and a little bit about your breeding history.

I look forward to speaking with all of the applicants soon. Happy Breeding!!


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