Dip In To Ears!

Happy Monday Amaretto Community! Today I wanted to tell you about a nice little trait on the K-9s! The K-9 are already as cute as can be but can you imagine them with little colored ear tips? Well, if you didn’t know, you can get that on the K-9! It is called Dipped Ears! The Dipped Ear is a trait that came out in version 2.0 update. You can change the color of your K-9s ears with this trait! This trait DOES have the ability to pass! How exciting! Take a look below at the beautiful Dipped Ears!

To see these Dipped Ears anytime you can visit here http://wiki2.amarettobreedables.com/index.php?title=Dipped_Ears

Happy Breeding! Until next time…..





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