Ponies Pals Alpha!

Hey everyone hope your Thursday has been thrilling!
You see what I did there?

I wanted to make a little announcement just in case you missed the community meeting and have been living under a rock!
The Ponie Pals have went into Alpha testing!


What is Alpha Testing ?
Its a smaller group than the Beta Testers that test before we send them out to Beta!

How exciting right?
So here is what they look like along with the some of their cute consumables!

Here are the stats of one of my ponies!
Amaretto Ponie Pal
Version: 0.05
Alpha Edition
Owner: Avalon Crystal
Age: 0
Descendants: 20

Grub: 0%
Zing: 66%
Bliss: 100%
Moxie: 0%
Breed: Star Golden
Eye: Dark Brown
Mane: Short
Tail: Short

We will be announcing a Questions and Answers Ponie Session soon! That way you can ask all the questions that I know you want to ask! I am so excited for the Ponie Pals! We are getting closer to Beta everyday! So don’t be surprised if you see pictures or stats flying around the group or markets! Stay tuned to see whats comming next from Amaretto! Until next time this is Ava over and out!! Happy Breeding!


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