Busting the Myths!

Hey everyone its a wonderful Thursday here at the ranch! I wanted to take a few moments to talk about some of the silliest things ive heard.
There is a class at the ARU that you can take called Myth Busters!

Id say the most myths I hear about are breeding for Specialty coats!

Did you know that it doesn’t matter if your siblings are 1st or 50th Generation they have the same chance of getting an albino? Its true!

Lets talk about Charmed/Enchanted/Exotic animals! The DOS of any of these do not hold any magic or special chances at getting another! So it doesn’t matter if Mom, Gramma, or Auntie was a charmed!

This is one I am really passionate about is “pure” horses. Some breeders choose to market their bundles, kennels or nest as pure. Ok first whats a pure horse? Well lets talk about what a pure horse is, a pure horse would mean that the hidden traits and the ones you see on the horse in world are exactly the same! So just because you breed two white walkers together doesn’t mean you get a pure white walker bundle, its hidden could be a tawny meck from great gramma. So please be careful labeling and purchasing things that say “pure”.

Another one that REALLY gets my goat is that the same people get the good stuff, or only big breeders get the good stuff. Well let me break it down for you the server (computer for those who don’t know) pick which traits and coats you get. So that means josie, jason, tm, jaymee or myself arent sitting on the other end handing out what we think people should get! Who would have enough time to do that anyways do you know how many bundles drop everyday?

That brings me to my last myth. How many times has someone told you if you want a eye to pass to breed it to a white eye? Or if you want a coat to pass breed it to a weak coat. This is absolutely not true! There are no “weak” or “strong” breeds or traits it all has to do with the lineage! Say it with me it all has to do with the linage! Got it?

Well these are just a few myths that I hear often. If you would like me to address one you have heard send me a note card and I will!
I hope that i have helped you understand how breeding works just a little bit better! This is ava over and out!


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