Picture of the Week!

Hey everyone its Tuesday I wanted to talk to everyone about something really cool that I do every week that would give you a chance to win some awesome FREE Amaretto products!

Every Wednesday I pick a picture of the week!

Who can enter? ANYONE!

What can it be a picture of? ANY AMARETTO BREEDABLE AND YOU!

Can it be edited ? YES!

Can I enter every week? YES!

Can you win more than once ? YES!

Is it only for horses? NO! Ponies, Barnyard Birds, and K-9s are welcome too!


Well I never thought you would ask! Just simply place your full perm picture in a notecard with your name on it! Take that note card to any main store or haven sim and drag and drop it in the camera!

There are 3 locations that you will find a camera located at:




Every Wednesday around 2 PM SLT I collect all photos and choose the winner!

You can win free Amaretto products for your Horses, K-9’s, or Barnyard Birds!!

I also post your photo on the front page of the Amaretto Website, place on the billboard at the main store, and on the Amaretto Facebook!
Your photo will also be placed in the forums under the Picture of the week!

Check out all our past winners here:


Now I know most of you don’t like FREE stuff but some of you will, so get to taking those pictures and you may be tomorrows winner!!!!

This is Ava over and out, Happy breeding to all my Amaretto Friends!!


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